Interview The Discarded talk latest single

The Discarded Promo 2
Toronto garage-rockers The Discarded have released their new single Could That Be You. The breakneck slice of ferocious rock n’ roll is out now.
Making music, especially loud punky garage music, feels good. Jared Dean and brother Caden Jax drummer figured that out quick. The boys needed something positive to grab on to beyond online gaming, so they grabbed their rocker dad and formed a band. J.P Wasson is best known as the drummer for popular Toronto bands Fifth Column and The Snowdogs, but Caden wanted to drum – so in The Discarded, Dad sings and plays guitar. Jared, Caden and Joel spent their first seven months in their new house learning how live (alone) together, and how to be a band. They learned quickly and, being two thirds impetuous teenagers, recorded their nine song self- titled album in August 2016 at Pro Gold Studios, helmed by the legendary Sir Ian Blurton. The Discarded recorded the whole nine songs in nine and half hours and could have done it quicker if they hadn’t stopped to eat or broken a string. That’s rock n’ roll and nothing feels better. Check out Could That Be You below!

 How has the release of Could That Be You been so far?

JP- We’ve had some very positive feedback here in Canada on this single and the album. We looking to expand that to outside of just here. If your into this type of music then people are really into it. If your into banjos, and acoustic guitars- not as much- ha!

Tell us a bit about the single?

JP- This song was the first song that came together with all three of us and as a band. Until that point, (when the record was made we had been a band for seven months), it was me bringing songs to them and saying ‘hey let’s do this song- it goes like this’. With this one we were listening to a rehearsal we had recorded and I had this fragment of this song on another audio file. So we listened to it and said lets finish this one off. Caden developed a drum part and an intro and break. Jared came up with a bass line that was an advancement for him at the time. It came together quickly and we were excited that we were working together as a unit. Lyrically, it reflects on what was going on at the time. I had separated and divorced from their mother a few months before and this song was more about looking forward. About what you might want in a new relationship and if that person was indeed like that.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be?

JP: Paul Weller, Elvis Costello, they written a bunch so it would be interesting to see their process or to collaborate with them. There is a lot of people I know who I admire that I would like to write with. I would say a local band who are peers with would be a more relaxed situation and might lend itself to an easier collaboration, I like Ron Hawkins songwriting. I would like to write with women artist- Nora Jones, Neko Case to get the non male perspective on it all. Or go really big, Keith Richards, Townsend, McCartney, Springsteen to see how the mega stars do it who’ve had a ton of hits- ha!

Jared: I would love to work with Locomotive 8, they’re a Toronto band whose style I’m a big fan of and would like to try out.

Caden: I would like to work with Slipnot because of their double bass drum work.

How is it working as a family?

JP: Obviously there is a great love for each other because we’ve all know each other since they came into existence. But with a great familiarity there can also be tension or an ease of being a prick to one another. As the Dad I relate more to them as musical peers in the band so that is a nice dynamic to be developing and sharing. But currently we all live together so there is always, who left their damn dishes in the sink again. Or am I the only one cleaning up around here! Caden was always closer to his younger brother than Jared so it’s nice to see them bond and be closer to one another by being in a band together. There are times when one of us is cranky or irritable but that would be the same as in any band. It’s understanding when to give that person space or being big enough to say sorry I was cranky – I over reacted. This has been a wonderful experience for all of us. Making music together in a band is a great feeling. It is a wonderful way to create, share and cathartic way to expend some energy in a positive way.

Jared: Working with family is pretty easy going and fun. It’s not hard to get together for practice.

Caden: Easy, Only Jared and Dad bitch at each other, I just play.

JP and Jared: Unless we’re both telling you to shut up!

JP: Like I said- a great love.

What’s the rock scene like in Canada?

JP: I’m not sure about the rock scene, music scene, punk scene, rap scene, alternative scene, indie scene, roots scene, Americana scene, mainstream pop music scene. Toronto scene, East coast scene, west coast scene, Canada is a big place and as you can see by the first sentence a bit diffused. The community of musicians I have always found to be friendly and supportive. There are some fantastic acts that come out of Canada. We are next to the States so many people internationally think that the act is American. A lot of Canadian band don’t brand themselves as “Canadian” like there might be like a British invasion. A band level is different than at an industry level. Large labels want something that has a fan base and is moving units-streams- etc. Whether that is rock and roll I would say – no – punk and electric guitar based music is not “trendy” at the moment. But the industry tends to follow a trend more then establish it. There has always been a group of people who enjoy music with a rock edge to it or heavier sounding. Currently there are a lot of sound-like- everyone-else- type bands on the radio.

Jared: In my opinion the rock scene in Canada is mostly underground but still thriving. And honestly that just makes it more interesting.

Caden: We are the rock scene.

What were your first gigs that you ever went to?

JP: The Who, The Jam, The Ramones, Iggy, The Cramps

Jared: My Dad’s band, Crock Stock, Green Day, Riot Fest (Stooges, Dinosaur Jr., Rocket from the Crypt,) The Who, The Stones,

Caden: My Dad’s band, Crock Stock, Green Day, Riot Fest (Stooges, Dinosaur Jr., Rocket from the Crypt,), Eminem,

How much does it mean to you when you see fans listen to your music?

It really quite thrilling for us at this point (meaning we are not jaded and tired of adulation-ha!). Any review, play, when someone comes up to us at after a show and buys a record. We quite like what we are doing and think we are a good tight rocking band- that writes good original music, so when someone acknowledges that it validates that a bit. I guess if that didn’t matter then just write the songs and record them and keep them to yourself. But if you put a single out or a record, really you are say- “Hey! Look at us! We think we’re pretty awesome- you should too!” We are doing this to generate a fan base, so we can make music, make recording, play and tour. Really if you think about it if a 1000 people supported a band they like with $100 a year they could make a living doing it. 2000 or 3000 people and at $50, well you get the picture. This is how it starts and builds. How that money gets to the artist is what is changing. Really, from the late sixties to the late nineties was the only window where bands made a lot of money from selling records etc. With the exception of a few acts that break into that larger stratosphere, it’s the way it works now. There is still a lot of hype machines but is the artist making money from the hype? I think I digressed from your question…!

Jared: It means a lot to see people find enjoyment in something I’ve created. Very few things compare to it.

Caden: I don’t know who listens to our music. I’m not actually there when they do. I’ve signed a few albums after shows. That was cool.

Will there be a tour this year?

J.P. – We are really enjoying playing live- we did our record release and a number of shows early in the year (February /March) and have played in the Toronto area. Starting in June we are touring Southern Ontario Canada. 10 shows. This is the area of Canada that has larger populations (clubs) within reasonable distances. Cross Canada some of the shows would be 10 to 15 hours away. One has to remember that England would fit inside of Ontario geographically. It would be fantastic to play there. Closer places to tour, greater population, places to play. The states is good as well but, as you may have read, the border is a bit funny lately! We are going into the studio in August after the summer tour to record a follow up of the latest record. We will look to have that out by next July. Then hopefully we could expand where we could tour that one. Again the great part of being a family is we can go anywhere and do a week or two of shows if it was arranged. Fly there, rent instruments. Jared and I went to Europe together last November and thought we could do this as a tour instead of a holiday. We loved it over there. Jared: Southern Ontario this summer. We’d like to tour the rest of Canada eventually- I’d like to see out west

Caden: I guess you’d call it a tour. I call it a lot of gigs where I’ve get to sit in a closet sized dressing room because I’m underage and can’t walk around the club. I’d like to go out east.

JP: Okay, so out east and out west. You do realize I’m the only driver in the band.

Caden: I’m 14 dad.

JP: Excuses! But you’d go to Europe right?

Jared/Caden: YEAH!

Caden: You heard it here England-Book us now- I’d like to see the closet like dressing rooms

Dubai rockers JAY WUD announce third album and release new single

Jay Wud.jpg

Dubai based rockers JAY WUD prepare to take on the world with their new album Transitions, which is set for release on 30 June.

The band have announced the new album with the release of new single ‘Empire’. Boasting chunky riffs and a huge chorus, Empire serves as a great introduction to the band’s mix of metal, flamboyant rock, and infectious hooks.

With members from Lebanon, Serbia and Latvia, JAY WUD are a truly international hard rock phenomenon whose Middle Eastern success has seen them support the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and Skunk Anansie, and become headliners in their own right.

Fronted by Lebanese singer / guitarist and namesake Jay Wud, whose addictive combination of thrashing riffs, shredding solos and powerful hook-laden vocals define the band’s scorching metal-tinged hard rock sound.

With the help of an impressive crowdfunding campaign that raised over $30,000, they were able to complete recording Transitions with Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson (Seether, My Chemical Romance, Theory of a Deadman) in Los Angeles.

This third JAY WUD album marks a new beginning for the band as they venture into much darker, heavier and more explorative territory. Having honed their craft since 2013, they have emerged as one of the flag-bearers for the Middle Eastern scene that is quickly putting itself on the global rock and metal map.

FIZZY BLOOD Release New Video PAWN

Fizzy Blood.jpg

Hot on the tail of their support on While She Sleeps UK tour, Leeds quintet FIZZY BLOOD have unveiled a new video for current single PAWN. Taking inspiration from 80s instructional tapes, the video pokes fun at the world of manufactured boy bands and features equal measures of fuzz, oddball behaviour and unhinged energy

‘The video for ‘Pawn’ shot on VHS and was made to emulate the style of those horrible 80’s PSA videos.

‘I like the way that kind of corny, un-self-aware, salesmen like attitude parodies the attitudes within the mainstream music industry even today and hopefully that comes across when people watch it.

‘It was shot within a day in an art studio in Leeds and a lot of our mates came down, dressed up and got involved in the making of the video so we had a lot of fun making it.’

Paul Howells, Guitars

PAWN has seen spins from BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, and was recently featured as track of the week on Kerrang! Radio.

Explosive and guttural, FIZZY BLOOD are aptly named and causing a stir. Releasing their colossal debut EP FEAST in 2015, widespread praise for the record fuelled a formidable live run, highlights including shows alongside Allusondrugs, The Virginmarys, Max Raptor and The Dead Kennedys.

2017 is shaping up to be FIZZY BLOOD’s biggest year yet. The band made their second appearance at SXSW, which was followed by the aforementioned 19-date run with While She Sleeps. FIZZY BLOOD will kick off a hefty festival schedule, which will include The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Camden Rocks, Download, 2000 Trees and Tramlines – with more to be announced soon.

FIZZY BLOOD are putting the final touches on their next release which is due later this year on Killing Moon & Alya Records, further details to be announced soon.

With a fuller throttled sound and more determination than ever, FIZZY BLOOD are scaling new heights and set to make one hell of a dent on the UK music scene.

Nineteen Fifty Eight Share ‘Under My Skin’ Video

Nineteen Fifty Eight

Swansea-based alternative rock band Nineteen Fifty Eight have shared the second single/video, Under My Skin, from their forthcoming new EP Dark Blue set for release on 19th May 2017 via Transcend Music. The band will also take to the road, throughout the UK, with As December Falls to support the release.

‘Under My Skin is about feeling like things are starting to fall apart but deciding not to let it get to you. Everyone makes mistakes – keep trying, as they say, nothing worth having comes easy.’

Catch Nineteen Fifty Eight on tour this month:
May 19 – Sin City, Swansea
May 20 – Sanctuary, Basingstoke
May 21 – Thousand Island (Garage Upstairs), London
May 22 – The Lab, Northampton
May 23 – Bodega, Nottingham

With support already coming in from Huw Stephens at BBC Radio One, Alex Baker at Kerrang! Radio, and Adam Walton at BBC Wales, this lot are only just getting started on their plans for world domination.

While She Sleeps release ‘Empire of Silence’ music video


While She Sleeps.jpg

While She Sleeps have released a new music video for Empire of Silence, one of the tracks from their recent top ten album You Are We. Filmed across the band’s sold out headline tour over the past few weeks, the visuals capture the fervent intensity of the While She Sleeps live experience and demonstrate the very real connection between the band and their fans. It’s a connection that has fuelled ‘You Are We’ from inception to release and is at the very heart of the band’s ethos. While She Sleeps will continue to hit the road hard throughout 2017 and beyond with forthcoming dates across Australia and Asia this summer and a Reading & Leeds festival slot which will see them headline The Pit stage.

Made with Carl Bown, who also produced ‘Brainwashed’, the songs that comprise the band’s third full-length You Are We reaffirm While She Sleeps as one of the most inspiring, riotous and important voices in British music today, demonstrating both their continued musical evolution and their incisive social conscience.


01/06 – The Globe, Cardiff
02/06 – The Hub, Plymouth
16/06 – The Booking Hall, Dover
25-27/08/17 – Reading & Leeds Festivals
04/09 – St Pancras Old Church, London, UK (acoustic) – RESCHEDULED

SikTH release video for ‘Golden Cufflinks’


Ahead of the release, of their highly anticipated new album The Future In Whose Eyes?, the band have released their new single Golden Cufflinks.

Introducing the new song vocalist & lyricist Mikee W Goodman states ‘The song is very melodic and is a very different type of song for SikTh fans to hear.

‘Even though there are extremely aggressive moments on the new album. This song has a real epic and melodic feel to it. ‘


Produced and directed by the band’s own Mikee W Goodman he talks about how the video acts as a commentary to and the causation of the ongoing sanitisation of many towns and cities, something many music fans around the world will be able to relate to.

‘When I wrote the lyrics for Golden Cufflinks they were initially inspired by the amount of live music venues that are being closed and a feeling that rock culture is in decline.

‘The venue which sticks out to me the most is the famous London Astoria. Some of the best SikTh shows were in the LA2 and main Astoria.

‘I went a lot as a fan as well.  So when that was closed and knocked down to make way for Crossrail it really was a sad & defining moment in rock history for me and many others.

‘I think places of such rich history and cultural importance should be protected and preserved.

‘I see this happening across the country and world – so many other venues being shut down and how scenes and golden eras come and go. How we have to move along or do it seems.

‘You see the business men buying up cities to turn them into the most profitable and bland form.

‘It follows a similar theme from our song ‘Bland Street Bloom’ from Death of a Dead Day. This happens in many cities, it is not just about London, Golden Cufflinks is a reflection and commentary of this kind of happening.’


The Divine Comedy announce further UK & Irish shows

The Devine Comedy

After a run of sold out acclaimed shows in 2016 and early 2017 (including three London Palladiums) and due to phenomenal demand, The Divine Comedy announce 7 further dates for this November / December including 5 in Ireland.

Since The Divine Comedy’s inception in 1989, Neil Hannon has time and again proved to be one of the UK’s best and most original songwriters. The Divine Comedy’s new album, ‘Foreverland’, was hailed as one of the albums of the year by the critics and debuted at Number 7 in the UK Chart.

Each and every single from the album was playlisted at radio and sessions included Radcliffe & Maconie, Chris Evans and Dermot O’Leary. Neil Hannon and co also managed to find time to make a star turn on Later With Jools Holland.

The Divine Comedy can also be caught live this summer, with headline slots at the Deer Shed and Cropredy festivals as well as main stage performances at Latitude and Electric Picnic.  The Divine Comedy play:

Weds 22nd EDINBURGH, Usher Hall
Thurs 23rd LEEDS, O2 Academy
Fri 24th BIRMINGHAM, O2 Institute
Sat 25th CARDIFF, University Great Hall
Sun 26th BRISTOL, Colston Hall
Tues 28th MANCHESTER, O2 Ritz
Wed 29th LONDON, Eventim Apollo
Thurs 30th BOURNEMOUTH, O2 Academy
Fri 1st BRIGHTON, Dome
Mon 4th CORK, Cork Opera House
Tues 5th LIMERICK, University Concert Hall
Weds 6th LONDONDERRY, Millennium Forum
Thurs 7th BELFAST, Ulster Hall
Fri 8th DUBLIN, Olympia Theatre 

Tickets go on sale May 17th.

Interview: This Party talk new EP

THis Party

Brighton based boys, This Party formed after a chance encounter at a Smiths tribute gig and now together create guitar fuelled indie-pop on their own independent label,Moscow Let’s Go.

Consisting of Hal Cleverdon on guitar, Marcus Gilham on bass, Tom Hodgson on drums and Matt MacNeill on vocals, This Party have now released their new single Lover. This lead track will get you singing along to the catchy chorus and in the mood for summer!

Their latest singles grabbed the attention of Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing and Money was championed online including an exclusive premiere with Gigslutz. Check out the title song of the EP below!


We managed to catch up with the band as they talked about the EP and more!

So how has the release of Lover gone down so far?

Lover is getting a great reaction so far. It’s getting sung back at us at live shows which is usually a good sign. The full EP will be released on 15th May and we can’t wait for everybody to hear it in its entirety.
So this is the title track off your upcoming EP, can you tell us anything about this release?
Produced by Margo Broom, it is our first EP to be released. It was originally just meant to be a single as a follow up to our last single ‘Money’ but the studio sessions were really productive and so we expanded it to 4 tracks.

What is your favourite track from the EP?
I think it differs for each of us. Each of the songs has a different subject so I guess it’s depending on whatever mood we’re in. Friendship, bereavement, shyness and prescription meds are all themes present on the record.

You will be releasing this at Brighton’s Prince Albert on Tuesday, how pumped are you for this?
Very. We love playing across the UK but it felt right to launch the record in our hometown at one of the most famous local venues around. The atmosphere will be amazing and we can’t wait.

What’s the rock scene like in Brighton?
Great but competitive. There are a lot of bands here and the standard is generally pretty decent so you have to be willing to give a lot more in order to stand out.

What is it like being support by the likes of BBC Introducing and 6 Music?
We’re all regular listeners of both BBC Introducing and 6 Music so there’s a special feeling when you hear your own music being played in them. So far the BBC have given us amazing support and its so great to have them involved.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Probably, and I’m just talking for myself here, Stevie Wonder. The man is a legend and his voice is still incredible. I reckon you could walk into the studio with him and the songs would just write themselves.

What was your funniest moment when recording the EP?
Putting enough auto-tune on all four tracks to make them sound like a T-Pain record, then sending them to our bassist and enthusiastically pretending they’re the final cut – just to see his reaction.

Radnor reveal exclusive Spotify playlist


Alternative pop/rock out Radnor are set to release new music this year as the Nashville duo recently celebrated the second anniversary of their debut album Serenity Astray. 

Since their 2012 formation, the band have come together to release two EPs, self-record and publish their debut album, and bring to the table a live show unparalleled in the Nashville rock scene. Backed with the ever-growing support of their local and online fan base, Radnor is determined to become the biggest and best that it can possibly be.

Drummer Connor Hoffman and Warner Carpenter kindly put together a Spotify playlist for and of course their loyal fans. You check this out below!

Make sure you catch Radnor play alongside Palaye Royale and AKA Faceless on 17th May at Nashville’s The End. If you can’t make that gig then connect with their Facebook and Twitter channels. You can check out the band’s latest single Papercuts below!

Interview: Camden Rocks’ founder Chris McCormack

Camden rocks 2017 2
On June 3rd 2017 London’s Camden Town will turn into a one day music festival catering to Rock, Metal, Punk, Indie and pretty much everything and anything in-between – By Guy Shankland. It’s a genre friendly festival in the beating heart of the capitals music scene. This years CAMDEN ROCKS line up includes The Damned, The Coral, Feeder, The Rifles, Carl Barat, Orange Goblin, Zodiac Mindwarp and The Ruts DC. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY bands performing in Twenty Five venues on one day for just £39.50 (+ fees), sounds like a gig goers bargain. ORIGINALROCK.NET catches up with Festival organiser Chris McCormack and former 3 Colours Red guitarist, for a chat on all things Camden Rocks and his involvement with the recently reformed (post Sex Pistols band) The Professionals.
The Proffesionals
Chris McCormick (left) with The Professionals 
Original Rock. How did 3 Colours Red guitarist Chris McCormack end up running Camden Rocks and The Jubilee Club?
Chris McCormack. I had the idea of starting a club night with Carl Barat (The Libertines) so we starting looking at possible venues that would work. Luckily The Barfly became available and because it has a live room upstairs I thought it’d be a good idea to bands on and incorporate that into the club night. The band side of it became a huge part of it and for me it was the main focus. It was booking Jubilee Club that spurred the idea of making it a bigger thing and putting an event on that would act as a showcase for all these great bands that I was stumbling across.
OR. 2017’s Camden Rocks sees a whopping 250 (!) bands performing on one day, how many venues are you using this year? And how do you sort out the running order?
CM. We have 25 venues this year and I use my instinct. You can’t please everyone but I try to avoid clashes with the obvious bands and genres. It’s a minefield.
OR. This years headliners include The Damned, Feeder, The Coral, and The Rifles, along with Zodiac Mindwarp (yey!) and Libertines front man Carl Barat. How far in advance do you book the line up?
CM. I start nine months before the event. I need three months to recover from the previous event! It totally swallows me up, so next year I need to delegate more, so it doesn’t take over my life as much.
OR. Camden Rocks is far turning into THE festival. With so many bands and so many venues do you forsee it ever having to move to a full weekend?
CM. Maybe next year! I always contemplate it, then stick to the one day.
OR. For those who have never attended Camden Rocks how would you describe it?
CM. It’s a great day out, fantastic atmosphere and a good way to catch all the great new bands that are breaking through on top of your old favourite established bands. And get extremely pissed in the process!
OR. You have managed to keep the festival ticket price down to just £39.50 (+ fees), which is fantastic value. With so many festivals/bands charging extortionate amounts how do you keep the cost so reasonable?
CM. We don’t make any money!! With so many new emerging artists I feel it’s important to keep the balance and the ticket price low…Not sure how long we can keep it at that price, but it’s important to me that it’s good value for money.
OR. Which bands are most looking forward to seeing this year?
CM. I’ve seen most of the bands play many times throughout the year, that’s why they’re playing Camden Rocks so for me this is more about everyone else. I just want everyone to enjoy all the hard work we’ve put in leading up to the event. Of course I’m going to see a few favourites like M O S E S, Hands Off Gretal and The Damned but I just want it to run smoothly by that point.
OR. Rumour has it we may see you back on stage with former Sex Pistol Paul Cook’s The Professionals, any truth there?
CM. I am yeah, I rehearsed with them last week and loved it, it felt very natural playing again. The Sex Pistols are my all time favourite band and the reason I got into music full stop, so playing ina band with Paul Cook is a huge buzz. Also Tom Spencer (ex Yo-Yo and the man filling Steve Jones’s shoes)is in the band to which was a huge reason for me getting involved. He gets me into trouble and I like that! Hahaha
OR. Camden is becoming the London equivalent to L.A’s Sunset Strip, with the capital losing so many independent live venues for development , how has Camden avoided the capitalist cull?
CM. I think having so many venues bunched together actually feeds it and makes it a great destination to hang out. There’s always going to be a few places closing down but the a new one pops up which keeps the scene growing and thriving.
OR. Finally will we ever see a 3 Colours Red reformation?
CM. Not a bloody chance. Being in a band should be fun and done with people that you actually enjoy being around. That’s why I’ve joined The Professionals…3 Colours Red was everything but fun.
CAMDEN ROCK takes place on June 3rd. For general information including Stage times, venues and ticket links check the festival website.
Tickets are just £39.50 (+ fees) and are also available from the usual ticket outlets.See you in June!

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