Creeper releases new music video


Creeper, photo taken from their Facebook page

Southampton punk band Creeper have released a new music video for their new single Black Mass.

Despite there being a dark theme to the video itself, the song is simply a piece of genius and almost has a My Chemical Romance feel to it but brings something new to the genre.

At one point of the song, it completely changes to what almost sounds like you should be having a slow dance with your loved one while at a prom dance but that’s what makes this song so unique.

Black Mass will be part of the band’s new up and coming EP The Stranger and will feature five songs that will be released on 19th February – something the Creeper Cult should be stoked for.

Creeper go on tour with Welsh pop punk band Neck Deep tomorrow night (1st February) at the O2 Birmingham Institute and have a busy few months regarding gigs.

Make sure you catch on of their shows this year as it’s likely that the band will just get bigger and bigger.

Pre order Creeper’s new EP The Stranger on iTunes now.


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