Interview: Bro Dylan talk new EP ‘Crisis’

Bro Dylan
Bro Dylan (photo from their official Facebook page)

Indie-Rock band Bro Dylan are set to release their upcoming debut album Crisis tomorrow (1st May) as the lads reveal they are ‘looking forward’ to it. Vocalist Alex Zinni and the lads played at Mullarkey’s Irish Pub in their home state Ohio however their official release show will take place in their home city on 28th May at the Beachland. Ballroom and Tavern. The album  was recorded at Lava Room Studio in Cleveland, Bro Dylan decided they didn’t want a heavily produced album, and instead, what’s heard on the album resembles more of a live feeling.

You can listen to Getting Even from the upcoming album below.

We managed to take some time out of Bro Dylan’s busy schedule for an interview as they talk about the new album, their unique name, fans and more.

Are you looking forward to the new album Crisis coming out?

We are definitely looking forward to releasing our first full-length, “Crisis”. Recorded in a mere few weeks, what you hear on the record is the result of three musicians playing their instruments in few takes (in most cases one). The record is a blend of high energy rock, bare bones structure and expands upon themes of revenge, love, loss and hope for a better tomorrow.

Are you looking forward to the release show in Cleveland?
The release show will be held at Cleveland’s rock-n-roll hotbed, The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. This is our favourite location in all of the Midwest to perform, because the people who attend and run the place appreciate up and coming music and do their best to provide both audiences and bands a great experienc

What inspired the band’s unique name?
Bro Dylan’s name came from Alex Zinni’s joking around with the other guys before a show. The three played together in many bands throughout the years beginning with Surefire then proceeding with NUGZ, The Navy Blues, True Folk, and Thread and Needle. After naming all of their former names and thinking of a new one, Alex slipped out Bro Dylan and for better or worse, it stuck.

What’s it like being part of an up and coming band like yourselves?
It’s great to be a part of an up and coming band because there is so much great music out there today. I feel like rock-n-roll is getting stronger in the Midwest and fans appreciate the art form and are supporting it more than they have in the recent past. We recorded our album quickly because we feel a sense of urgency in the rock community these days, and there’s no time for messing around, the music needs to be in your face.

What would you say to your fans that go to gigs and buy your music?
We certainly want to thank any of our fans or individuals who buy our music for their support. We are thrilled to have such great people involved in our lives and we are a band that listens closely and wants to interact with as many people as we can.

What music inspires you guys?
The music that inspires us is very diverse. Miles Davis, The Strokes, Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s and Radiohead are just a few that come to mind. We listen to anything that has truth in it. Beethoven to Decemberists, we love it all. If it has a beat that you can dance to, a melody that sticks in your head and truthful lyrics, we love it.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years time?
In 5 years’ time we see ourselves with a few more albums under our belt, tours completed from all around the globe, and more fans than we currently have. Breaking into commercial radio would be nice, too. Most of all, we see ourselves living comfortably enough to produce music on the regular and perform for our friends, families and meet new people along the way.

Set For The Sky releases new video

Set for sky
Set For The Sky

South African band Set For The Sky have released a new music video Left Behind from their latest 2015 release The Machine. Known for their energetic and theatrical live performances at home, the band are excited to bring their addictive sound to the UK shores. After playing various shows and festivals, the band picked up endorsements with South Africa’s largest music distributor Paul Bothner Music, which includes Ernie Ball and Zaildjian brands. You can listen to Left Behind below.

Lead singer James Roberts claimed the band just wants to make their families proud and prove their old school teachers wrong who said they’d get nowhere doing music. James added about the new single and said: ‘The new single is about a character who foresees the forceful invasion of their home by The Machine.

‘They warn everyone to flee but in the process gets left behind themselves.

The protagonist is captured and imprisoned but escapes and vows to take revenge on the force that is The Machine.

You catch Set For The Sky live at the following South African dates:

6th May – Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant(Johannesburg)
7th May- Sundowners (Alberton) (Johannesburg)
13th May – Work (Jeffreys Bay)
14th May – Pool City Newton Park (Port Elizabeth)

Portsmouth Summer Show set to kick start Festival Season

thPortsmouth Summer SHow

Portsmouth Summer Show will kick start the festival season for just it’s second year this bank holiday weekend at Cosham’s King George Playing Field.  You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that this particular festival has a ‘mainstream’ theme to it however there is a few hidden gems throughout the weekend alongside the well respected pop artists. One of the stand out names is of course The Hoosiers have had a successful pop rock career as of today and are certainly set to put on one hell of show on Sunday which such classics as Goodbye Mr A  and Worried About Ray. 

The Hoosiers
The Hoosiers (photo from their Official Facebook page)

The lads from Berkshire have released five studio records and have created a healthy fan base over the years having had a number 1 debut album in the UK titled The Trick Of Life. There is a fine line of what you call pop rock or just pop but I think Saturday’s performer Scouting For Girls just about comes under the pop rock genre. Having been about for over 10 years now, the London lads are in a similar boat as The Hoosiers with their self titled 2007 debut album reaching number 1. The lads have recently released their new single Home from their latest EP titled Home.

Scouting for Girls will sure to be playing classics such as She’s So Lovely and This Ain’t a Love Song. Sunday’s headliners Fun Lovin’ Criminals should also create a good crowd with their jazzy hip hop rock genre. Since forming over 20 years ago, the lads from New York have had an amazing career to date rightfully headlining the festival. Their most recent album Classic Fantastic was released over five years ago so expect to see some of the more well known songs that you know and love from the band. Another act to consider on Sunday is Remedysounds who will be bringing his amazing catchy set to life. You can listen to the artist’s full album Incredaboy below.

The Hampshire based artist has had four top ten iTunes releases and has broken away from management in recent years – you can catch Remedysounds on the Casemates Stage on Sunday. On Sunday you wouldn’t go far wrong in seeing The Silhouettes on the Summer Stage  as the Portsmouth based band are set to bring their Ska & Reggae influenced groove to the festival. Bear & The Woods will also be playing on Saturday at the Summer Stage as you can have a taste of the unique genre of Folk’n’Roll. The Reading based band recently played the ‘Are You Listening Festival?’ in their home city. The Shires will also be there on Saturday as they the folk duo will take up on the main stage. It will certainly be chilled that’s for sure as The Shire’s are renowned to create an authentic country atmosphere. Portsmouth’s own Tom Bertram will be at the Casemates Stage on Saturday as the exciting singer-songwriter will certainly please the crowd. The unsigned artist has had numerous of success with his releases including his release of Anything For You.

Of course if pop music is your thing then their are plenty of inspiring artists playing throughout the weekend. And let’s face it we’re all guilty of singing Mysterious Girl at one stage of our lives, and the Australian legend Peter Andre will be on the main stage on Saturday. Former X Factor contestants, Lucy Spraggan, Sam Bailey and Reggie N Bollie will all be performing on the main stage over the weekend. Dance group Diversity will also be making an appearance along side 5ive and Union J over the two day event.

Interview: Sonny Lanegan talks up coming EP

Sonny Lanegan


Former The Dead Good and White Pulp member Sonny Lanegan is set to release his debut solo EP COMA on 1st May and it is certainly something to be excited about. In a recent interview, Lanegan explained the EP itself was unexpected however revealed he is ‘really excited’ for the release this Sunday. Listen to Down and Dirty from the up coming EP below.

We managed to take some time out of Sonny’s busy schedule for an interview where the Italian born singer talked about his up coming EP, future shows, fans and more.

How different is it working as a solo artist than playing with The Dead Good White Pulp?

Well… It’s not that different than when I was working on White Pulp because even then I was the one writing and recording, except for when we recorded Lost Inc.. It is very different from The Dead Good because we work together and not everything is on me, which sometimes is a huge relief!

Are you looking forward to the release of COMA?

Totally! I’m really excited… especially because this EP was kind of unexpected. I recorded it during the month of December. I knew what I wanted to do, but at the same time I was dealing with a lot of distraction which ‘kept me in the unknown’ for the whole process. It turned out that I had enough songs for a full album but I decided for the EP since this is my first solo release. Let’s see what happens!

How proud are you of yourself for releasing a solo EP?

I wouldn’t say proud… I mean choosing to go out as a solo artist is not because you think you are better than everybody else or because you need to see only your name on a poster. In my case, I always had a hard time to find people that I could share the same excitement, passion and vision towards music. At that point you start writing and recording by yourself – so you might as well call it with your own name. On the other hand I’m very satisfied about the fact that in a really short period of time I wrote, engineered and recorded everything. At the end of the day you have to be happy with what you did and I am.

What would say to your fans that have supported this new project?

I’m extremely grateful for everyone who always supported me and that still does! Right now you need people more than ever. Obviously I do music for myself… cause I love it and it makes me feel good, but I won’t lie about the fact that it feels great when you see people being into your songs, your lyrics… especially when someone notices certain sounds that are almost hidden in some songs. It means that they really paid attention to it and didn’t let the song play while they were working on something else.

Are you planning on touring or any shows in the near future?

Yes, my manager is working on it and we already booked the first shows. The first shows are set for July, we are gonna start with a short run to then go out for longer periods. I’m currently rehearsing with the band and I can’t wait to go out and perform the new songs. We will also gonna play some tracks from my old project ‘White Pulp’. It’s gonna be fun!

Where would you see yourself in 5 years time?

I really don’t know. The music business drastically changed so is really hard to make plans for that long but I hope that I will be able to still write music and perform for myself and the people who can relate to what I write.

To stay in touch with the release of COMA you can join the official Facebook group.

Check out a review of the EP we done a while a go.

Interview: Our Vices set to release a brand new song soon

Our Vices
Our Vices (photo from their official Facebook page)

Metal band Our Vices have announced they will be playing a brand new song in their shows coming up. The Michigan based lads have recently released their EP Polarity earlier this year vocalist Lucas Dixon and the rest of the band revealed the response has been ‘surprising’. You can listen to My Dearest Jacob from the band’s latest EP below.


We managed to take some time out of Our Vice’s busy schedule and interview them where they talk their latest release, shows, fans and more.

How has the new EP Polarity been since it’s release?

The response has been surprising compared to our previous release. We have gained hundreds of new fans; not only in the US but around the world. We don’t see the hype from this release doing anything other than grow at this point, but we are always looking forward when it comes to music.

Are you looking forward to playing with It Lies Within on Friday and Bled Fest this year?

Of course! It’s always a great time playing with fellow bands from our hometown. We’ve played shows with ILW (It Lies Within) in the past and they’re definitely hard-working guys! As for Bled Fest, this is first nationally recognized festival we’ve played and we are nothing short of stoked!


What’s it like being part of an up and coming band like yourselves?

It’s crazy to see what it’s like to have people actually enjoy your music and what you’re doing at this level in our career. The positive remarks and support we receive after shows humbles us more and more every time. But at the same time, we continue to realize the constant hard work that needs to go into an independent band like this, or any band for that matter, to get where you want to be.


What would you say to your fans that go to gigs and buy your music?

The fans are what keep us going! We would not be able to record new music, pay for gas to shows, or financially further ourselves as a band without their support. We are extremely thankful for every one of them.


Are you guys planning on making any more new music any time soon?

We are actually playing a brand new song this Friday but we don’t have any plans to record at this point.


What would it mean to play at Warped Tour if you get the chance?

It would be the craziest news we would ever receive. All of us have wanted to play Warped since the day we started playing music in bands.


You can help Our Vices reach this year’s Vans Warped Tour by visiting this link and play some of their music.

Loa Loa release second single ‘Monet’


Lola lola.png

Following a widespread acclaim from their debut single Landslide, Loa Loa present to the world their follow up single, Monet. The Brighton lads bring approachable sensibilities to gritty punk foundations with singalong vocals, culminating in a sound that feels equal parts familiar and fresh, but above all else – impactful and unique. Listen to Monet below.

Monet provides the perfect representation to the trio, showing both the intimate and unashamedly intense sides to the band’s sound, building upon ground laid by the likes of The Cribs and Drenge to push hard hitting indie punk into exciting, necessary new territories.
The band have already secured an array of extensive coverage across Radio 1, Radio X, Kerrang Radio and BBC Introducing.

You can catch Loa Loa live next monthat the following dates:

Wednesday 18th May: The Green Door Store
Friday 20th May: Brighton Electric


Interview: As Days Fade talk new EP

As Days Fade
As Days Fade (photo from their official Facebook page)

Metalcore band As Days Fade are about to release to their new EP Resurrection on 3rd June after nearly three years since their last release, you can’t blame them to be excited. The New York Based lads have released a new single from the upcoming EP titled I Don’t Wan’t You and it is clearly something that the band feels passionate about as they revealed it’s about ‘being in a bad relationship and knowing your in it’. You can listen to I Don’t Wan’t You below.


We managed to take some time out of As Days Fade’s busy schedule for an interview as they talk their new EP, single, fans and more!

Are you looking forward to the release of the Resurrection EP?

Yes!! We are very excited! It’s our first release in almost 3 years and we are very proud of all the hard work we put into making this EP.

What is the new single I Don’t Want You all about?

I Don’t Want You is about toxic people, being in a bad relationship and knowing your in it. Having the strength and courage to stand up for yourself, stand out of your comfort zone and say ‘you aren’t the one for me, you’re hurting me, enough is enough and I need you out of my life, .’

What’s it like being part of an up and coming band like yourselves?

Amazing! This band has become such a huge part of our lives ,music is the one thing that has been a constant factor for us. At times it can be a roller coaster of emotions with different situations being thrown at you left and right but in the end it’s what we all live for.

What would you say to your fans that go to gigs and buy your music?

That we love you with all our hearts! We wouldn’t be here without the support from everyone who comes out to the shows and takes the time to still buy music!
It’s the honest truth, we had a rough patch not too long ago where we almost called it quits. But because of the support we received from our dedicated fans, family, and friends we knew we couldn’t give up so easily. Every CD someone buys helps us out in the biggest way possible.

What music inspires you guys?

Everyone in the band has their own style and taste in music. So our inspiration comes from numerous corners of the musical spectrum. From bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Miss may I then to bands like Good Charlotte and Underoath. It’s all over the place!
Where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years time?

We would love to be on the road with a band we dreamed of touring with like Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, The Ghost Inside, and etc. That’s the dream right there.

EP Review: Colt 45’s Snakes and Ladders

Colt 45
Colt 45 (photo from their official Facebook page)

Colt 45 are punk as fuck –Writes Darren Hardie. Let’s just get that out of the way. Everything from their sound to their mentality and lyrics screams out punk. Having grown in popularity over the years with constant gigging (in support slots as well as festival shows) the band are intent on the fact that no matter what happens to them in terms of financial support or bigger labels coming in for them (they are now signed to Visible Noise who have represented Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine amongst others) they will continue to do everything their own way as they have done with this brilliant EP.

Despite their debut release only coming a year ago in the form of “The Tide Is Turning” you can immediately see the band are growing fast in terms of their sound. The album’s overall feeling and sound maintains the typical punk sound and feel throughout but the band manage to vary it enough so that it has its own unique feel, something that is not easy to achieve in music nowadays, especially with punk music.

The opening track I Can Forgive But I Won’t Forget shows off their style straight away with verses that are reminiscent of early Rise Against and a chorus that would not feel out of place on seminal Rancid record Out Come The Wolves. The track is two minutes long of adrenaline played in a brilliantly raw and emotional way.

The EP has a few different sounds whilst keeping its punk values. One of these sounds is the more melodic sound that The Offspring and Rise Against helped make popular on songs such as Square One and What You See Is What You Get with both of these songs showing off the bands songwriting ability and allowing vocalist Neil Harper to flex his voices more melodic muscles. Another core sound is that one that is more relatable to bands such as Rancid and Therapy? on songs such as Two Steps Back and I can Forgive But Won’t Forget where we see a more aggressive and full frontal attack with those brilliant chant along choruses that wouldn’t sound out of place at a football (soccer) game.

The highlight of the album however comes in the form of the first single they released titled All Hell Broke Loose. This track is defintely on the more melodic side of the spectrum and shows the band can write one hell of a song. The whole track is driven by an intensely emotional and raw performance by Harper and shows exactly how great punk music can really be.

This EP is a very well written piece of DIY punk music. There is enough variation to make sure the listener never gets bored and the song writing is of high quality. Great EP by a band with a lot of potential in the future.

8/10 – Really well written with good variation

Highlight – All Hell Broke Loose

Snakes and Ladders will be released tomorrow (29th April) and you can listen to All Hell Broke Loose from the EP below.

Sad Blood share new video for The Worriers

Sad Blood
Sad Blood

After releasing the first single from their forthcoming EP, Legion of Gloom, a couple weeks back, Sad Blood are back with a new video for their track The Worriers. Filmed on a total budget of £0, Sad Blood prove you don’t need big money to make a video that’s both fun and righteous . You can watch the music video for The Worriers below.

Sad Blood will release their second EP Legion Of Gloom, out digitally on May 6th. Sad Blood are one of the better examples of the ’emo revival’, drawing influence from Into It. Although Legion Of Gloom clocks in at under 15 minutes long it doesn’t fall short of leaving you comfortably satisfied. With its real laid back attitude drenched in a thick layer of puns and innuendo. Check out a review we did of the up coming EP.

You can catch Sad Blood at the following dates:

May 13th – London, Camden Barfly – 

June 10th – Brighton, Sticky Mikes
June 11th – London, Urban Bar
June 12th – Southampton, Planet Sounds


Album Review: 7 Horses’ Livin In A Bitch Of A World

7 Horse

Two piece bands are a very interesting proposition – Writes Darren Hardie. Will they be able to make enough sound with only two people? How will it translate live? Will their sound be limited by the lack of personal in the band? In terms of 7Horse, the answer to all these questions is resoundingly positive. Formed by ex members of alt rock act Dada, this is their third album and it keeps up the trend of them writing high quality, southern blues rock’n’roll tracks with some serious soul.

Opening with the title track you straight away see exactly what 7Horse are all about with the rough garage rock blues sound of the guitar, the unique crunch of the distortion and a hell of a catchy chorus. This theme continues through the entire album with the brilliant blend of hard rock, country, blues and soul all seamlessly mixing together to create a brilliant, enjoyable and chilled out sound that all rock’n’roll fans will appreciate.

Whether it is the soul that is more of the focus (One Week, Two Stroke Machine) or if it is  more rocking sound (Answer The Bell), 7Horse’s quality never lets up. The album has two highlights that stand out above the rest with slower number Stick To The Myth presenting a real high point. Combining Lynard Skynard-esque slower, more soulful melodies and 7Horse’s own unique sound we get a brilliant song here with some incredible guitar work and vocals. Another highlight comes in album closer She’s So Rock’n’Roll where the southern blues sound is turned up to 10 and it is catchy as hell, great way to end a joyful and excellently made album.

The main point of praise here would be that 7Horse rarely sound like there are only two of them performing on this record. The sound is always massive and that is a massive compliment to the technical ability of both members of the band. Overall this record presents a simple yet incredible effective sound of soulful rock’n’roll and fans of old southern blues can rejoice at the sound of their new heroes.

You can purchase Livin in a Bitch of a World on iTunes now!

8/10 – Well written, talented musicians and enjoyable sound!

Highlights – Stick To The Myth, She’s So Rock’Roll