The interupterrs

Los Angeles-based ska-punk band The Interrupters will release their sophomore album, Say It Out Loud, on June 24th via Hellcat Records.

Say It Out Loud is undeniably fun and urgent in message. And backing their modernized 2-Tone-tinged, guitar-fueled, melody-heavy sound are lyrics that confront everything from social control and self-empowerment to domestic violence and the media circus surrounding the next presidential election.

True to The Interrupters’ unabandoned passion and personal-meets-political dynamic, the first song shared from the album is “By My Side,” a fist-pumping, tender tribute to outcast solidarity.

Since the release of their 2014 self-titled debut, The Interrupters have split their time between touring with the likes of The English Beat and Bad Religion and cranking out new material that shows off their irrepressible sensibility. So when the time came to record their sophomore album Say It Out Loud, the four-piece hit the studio with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and fired off 14 new songs that both capture their frenetic energy and reveal a whole new level of boldness in their songwriting.

“Over the past couple years we got to know ourselves so much better as a band, and that gave us a lot of room to really grow on this album,” notes front-woman Aimee Interrupter, whose band mates include guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, and drummer Jesse Bivona.

Produced by Armstrong and recorded partly at his studio (as well as at Travis Barker’s Opra Studios), Say It Out Loud are a batch of feel-good songs proving The Interrupters’ unstoppably upbeat spirit. The Interrupters have forged a formidable bond that deeply informs their music. “Loyalty, family, friendship, and unity—with upstrokes,” says Kevin. “That pretty much sums up The Interrupters and what we are all about.”

Pre-orders for Say It Out Loud are available at The Interrupters are on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long, staring in Dallas, TX on June 24 through August 13 in Portland, Oregon.

The Interuppters album cover

Listen to ‘By My Side’ below.

Say It Out Loud Track List

1. By My Side
2. She Got Arrested
3. Babylon
4. On A Turntable
5. The Prosecutor
6. Control
7. Phantom City (feat Tim Timebomb)
8. Media Sensation
9. You’re Gonna Find A Way Out
10. Divide Us
11. The Valley
12. Good Things
13. Jenny Drinks
14. Loyal

For more information on The Interrupters, visit:


God damn photo

‘Ghost’ signals the return of God Damn, the Wolverhampton based power-unit who scorched and burnt their way through the music scene in 2015 with the release of their debut album ‘Vultures’ on One Little Indian Records. This, alongside a blitzkrieg of incendiary live shows, firmly established God Damn as one of the most thrilling and electrifying bands to lurch from the UK in recent years.

Barely pausing for breath, God Damn are poised to return with one of their most concise and direct musical assaults yet. ‘Ghost’ is three-minutes-fifteen-seconds of belligerent yet additively melodic rock. Produced by Ross Orton (The Fall, Drenge, Tricky, MIA) and recorded at McCall Sound Studio in Sheffield, guitarist and singer Thom Edward explains that ‘Ghost’ is “a scuzzy song that you can dance, mosh, scream and sing your little tart out for the world to see. It encapsulates what’s to come from us in one little fuck off nugget, with brutality and a hook entwined. It’s taken the indie disco and deep throated it with fuzz and tonsilfrightus.”

Propelled by Ash Weaver’s jackhammer drums and Thom’s searing vocal hooks and abrasive guitar, ‘Ghost’ works its way under your skin and point blank refuses to leave.

Also announced today, God Damn can reveal that they will be heading out on a UK tour in September and October with heavy-weight titans Red Fang and Torche.

“This tour is going to be nothing but pure GURTH monsters in the sky, flailing around in riffs and smoke, the pet dragons of Valhalla will quiver in their packets of quim flavoured quavers. I’m bored of just riffs, let’s hit people with some tunes and cut the macho act,” states Thom, rather perfectly.

Anyone who has seen any of God Damn’s recent live shows will have noticed that their former guitar tech James Brown (no relation to the Godfather Of Soul, or the Pulled Apart By Horses guitarist) has been playing second guitar to allow Thom some freedom of movement and the oppurtinity for God Damn to make even more noise. If that was even possible.

Watch the video for ‘Ghost’ below!

Catch God Damn on tour with Red Fang and Torche at the following dates:

26 Brighton, Concorde 2
27 London, Koko
28 Bristol, Bierkeller
29 Leeds, Stylus
30 Manchester, Manchester Academy 2

02 Birmingham, Institute2
03 Glasgow, Garage
04 Newcastle, Riverside
05 Southampton, Engine Rooms

Tickets available from:


Find God Damn at:

YOUTH MAN Announce July 2016 UK Headline Tour Dates

Youth Man
Youth Man

Hot on the heels of a coveted UK/EU support tour with LA soul-punx letlive., fast-rising Birmingham noise-punk trio YOUTH MAN are pleased to announce a run of headline UK tour dates for July 2016.

The tour includes a London date on 9th July at The Roundhouse, where the band headline the Roundhouse Punk Weekender celebrating the 40th anniversary of the punk movement, appearing alongside False Heads, Birdsong, Molasses, The Antiseptics, BullyBones, Mystified, Drones and Screech Bats as they go head to head on the Dr. Martens Stage in the venue’s Main Space. In addition to the music, there will also be a punk record fair, ‘zine fair, food stalls and more. Commenting on the news, the band said: ‘We cannot bloody wait to get this record out and we’re even more excited to get back on the road, back in your faces, playing some new jams at you whilst you gawp in awe and disbelief.

‘The new records and shirts look sweet as hell too so come and hang at the merch table with us afterwards and say hi and buy our shit so we can eat.’

The band recently revealed that their new EP Wax will be released on 1st July 2016 on VENN Records, the independent label owned by visceral punks Gallows and home to releases from Heck, Marmozets, Milk Teeth, Moose Blood and more. Listen to Fat Dead Elvis from the upcoming EP below.

July 2016 UK Headline Tour:

7th – Stowmarket – John Peel Centre
8th – Ramsgate – Music Hall
9th – London – Roundhouse
10th – Milton Keynes – Crauford Arms
12th – Glasgow – Attic
13th – Newcastle – Think Tank
14th – Leeds – Brudenell Games Room
16th – Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge

Avarus – Limbo EP Review


All of you reading this might have read our recent interview with Lucas from Avarus and found out a decent amount about the band as a result of this. From Blackpool, they are a metalcore band who are trying to expand the horizons of the genre and in the process they are determined to make a career for themselves making the music that they love. They are honest, hard working people who accept nothing but quality from their music and they are here to make an impact. Oh, I should also mention that their frontman is only 15, with nobody in the band being over 18.

Without knowing this, the talent on display on this EP would be exceptional but knowing that they are such a tender age, you are genuinely amazed by the songwriting class and sheer musicianship on display here. Opening with intro track The Fall, the band then launch into the highlight of the EP on Broken Sun. With a riff reminiscent of Ascendency days Trivium followed by a bouncy as hell riff, the talent of the band is already on display. Put the lead vocals of Lucas Fletcher on top of that and you have this absolute monster of a song. Everything blends perfectly into each other and shows you exactly what they can do.

The following two tracks, Deceased and Limbo, show a darker side of the band, with some of the writing on these songs leaning on deathcore and even a bit of a black metal tint on the latter. The former has a massive intro that is made for massive shows and definitely has a more metalcore sound to it with an open based riff that sounds huge when equipped with the gigantic chorus the band have already perfected ths early into their careers. Limbo is by far the heaviest song on this EP that again has a Trivium-esque sound. The guitar sound is really on show here, further showing off the talent of Lucas as well as other guitarist Tim Nelson. Drummer Becky Slater also gets major props here as this performance carries the song, making it a truly brilliant track. Both of these tracks also have incredible solos that veteran guitar players would be proud of, however, these were written by someone 15 years old, a monumental feat that tells you that this band have a lot of potential and if they ever achieve it they will be huge.

EP closer and previously released song Last Second Of Oblivion shows that this band can even make a more generic modern metalcore song sound much more interesting with the intro riff here showing everything that is great about this band. The chorus leaves nothing behind again as is expected by this point, the only issue with this song is that the band have shown that they can do so much more than write a generic breakdown styled metalcore song. This song is still very good however, and it puts a lot of the bands that Avarus listen to and take influence from to shame.

Overall, this EP is exceptional from any band, never mind a band so young. With more exposure, they have the potential to be a very interesting addition to the UK music scene. With all of this talent on display and this only being their first release, there is no limit to what they can achieve. I genuinely hope somebody picks this band up and soon because they deserve to be huge and if they keep putting in the hard work and writing great songs, I have no doubt they will be.

9/10 – Brilliant. Look out for this band.

Highlight – Broken Sun

Live Review: Southampton’s Common People

Main Image.JPG
Common People Southampton

Thousands of music lovers gathered together for one epic party this bank holiday weekend at Southampton’s Common People. There was something for everyone and the whole festival was just really well organised with everyone having a huge smile on their faces throughout it. Common People is fairly new in the world of music festivals however with it being organised by the same team as  Bestival, you just knew that the acts were chosen carefully by everyone involved including DJ Rob Da Bank. Despite the festival being mainly a ‘mainstream’ scene, I managed to spend some time in the ‘Uncommon Stage’ where I surprised with the quality on show throughout the weekend. Having missed the Chuckle Brothers on the Saturday, I was slightly gutted and felt it was time to try and get into a few moshpits and Our Hollow Our Home certainly delivered that. The epic Connor Hallisey on aggressive vocals provided a heavy atmosphere to the festival and you could tell every single person in the tent were really getting into their music.

Our Hollow Our Home.JPG
Our Hollow Our Home

I managed to catch up with the band after their solid set that caused a little bit of mayhem around the crowd. ‘We were worries because because of the diverse line up and I think for me and all the guys, that’s the true part of this festival.

‘It’s not like one genre, it was a collective mix of all the bands and today was awesome, phenomenal – I loved it!.

‘We’ve just come of a European tour, we had a day off yesterday, we’ve been to France, Italy, Switzerland and that was great.

‘We’re hoping to do a UK tour in July and we’re planning to go to Europe around November/December time but nothing is set in stone as of yet.

‘We’re based in Southampton apart from Connor who’s from Bournemouth.

‘All of us, not only in this band but other bands have played at The Joiners since I was like 16/17, all the guys at the Joiners have supported us since them days.

‘No matter if there was like 10 people there or 250, they’d always vouch for us and playing in Southampton is just great.

‘Last year we released an EP and we’ve had a couple of singles out in the last year but we’re hoping to release our album at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

‘We’ve recorded half of it already and we’re keen to go back in the studio again.

‘The UK scene in the lower levels is hard to break in, there’s a lot of tours, a lot of people come but the fans that do come, they’re so die hard.

‘They buy merch and they sing the lyrics back to you!’

And of the course the stage was presented by the local music, The Joiners, so you knew the amount of quality that would be on show throughout the weekend even if you haven’t heard of the band before. Another band that I was impressed with on the Saturday were Bel Esprit who are also set to play the Isle Of Wight festival next month.

Bel Espirt.JPG
Bel Espirit

The lads from Southampton but on another epic show for their fans, and although it wasn’t as heavy as what I’m used to, I genuinely really enjoyed the set. Bel Espirit almost had an Artic Monkey’s style to their genre and really got everyone in the tent to join and have a good time. I managed to catch up with Billy Herklots and the rest of the band for a quick interview before their set and they said: ‘It’s going to be great (the set) we’re really excited and it’s so busy.

‘It would be nice if we could release more music, well that’s the plan.

‘We’re touring in October with Lonely The Brave.

‘We’re like in our 40s so we’re not up and coming, it’s our eighth anniversary on Monday (today) and that’s a long time.’

When asked where they see each other in five years time, it’s always a tough question to answer so the lads added in a comical way saying: ‘In prison probably or in the ground or in a mental institute maybe – a secure facility.

The whole of the Saturday was a superb day out for everyone and I know it wasn’t rock but I did decide to go and see Craig David’s TS5 and the Southampton based singer put on a a fantastic show which you have to appreciate. Scottish rock Primal Scream also put on a epic show for everyone and it was worth to listen to the classic Movin’ On Up that was released 25 years ago but to this day remains a classic. Another great tune that got the party going was Rocks that gave an epic up beat to the day.

Primal Scream
Primal Scream

After nursing a slight hangover on the Sunday morning, I was up and ready to experience more festival greatness. The weather was amazing and despite essentially going on my own, I managed to meet up with a few friends to share the festival vibes with. I actually stayed at the main a stage a bit more this time and I managed to check out a pretty sick band called The Magic Gang. The lads from New Forest, provided a calming indie theme to the festival and it really was easy listening. They recently just released The Magic Gang EP and having listen to that after the set, I think these guys could have a bright future.

The Magic Gang.JPG
The Magic Gang

So after a watching these and meeting 80s legend Mr Motivator for a selfie, I decided it was time to go back to the ‘Uncommon Stage’ and listen to some more local talent. And it didn’t take long before I came across Southampton up beat rock band The Rising. Vocalist Tommy Overington and the rest of the band really put a fantastic amount of energy throughout their set and I was lucky enough to get an interview with them after.

‘I think it went absolutely brilliantly, equally as good as last year if not better.

‘It was buzzing, it was absolutely buzzing – fantastic.

‘We’re looking to release a couple of more singles this year and we’re about 2/3 through our second album.

‘We’ve got about six tracks recorded and we’ve got a bout 3 or 4 left to go.

‘We’re working on a video for a single we’re going to be releasing soon and then hopefully this year or the beginning of next year, we’ll have our second album out.

‘We’re down The Joiners next week and the Isle of Wight festival the week after that.

‘In five years time I still want to be doing all this, it’s about the love of it.

‘It’s not about money although that would be nice if we’d be able to do it for a living but just going around writing music, you know you come here and all those people in here are going mental for it, it’s a big buzz.

‘There’s some really good bands out their, local guys The Novatones will be playing the Isle of Wight Festival in a couple of weeks and there’s a band called Casava who were on here today and they’re a decent band and the Costellos, keep an eye on them as well – they’re fucking brilliant, really really good.’

The Rising.JPG
The Rising

Another band to keep an eye is Science of Eight Limbs who put on an incredible electric show for everyone in the tent. The two piece band arguably could well of been one my favourite act of the weekend and it’s great to see two young lads enjoying themselves likes you see with Royal Blood at festivals all the time.

Science of Eight Limbs.JPG
Science of Eight Limbs

As the night and indeed the weekend began to end I managed to checkout some of Jamie Lawson’s with one of them being I Wasn’t Expecting That and the 40 year old really put on a beautifully crafted show for his fans that saw everyone get on their feet. Another band before that really got everyone dancing was the legendary Chas and Dave. You just couldn’t fault their performance and  the whole set was just pure fun for everyone. Eighties band Duran Duran also put on an epic show to close the festival as they sung classics such Hungry Like Wolf and Ordinary World. As confetti went down on the thousands of people in the crowd, you just new it was an epic weekend and a festival that will certainly be on my books next year!


Broncho share ‘I Know You’ On Soundcloud!



Oklahoma’s BRONCHO have released ‘I Know You’, a stirring new track from their forthcoming Double Vanity LP, due June 17th via Dine Alone Records.

Where tracks like ‘Señora Borealis’ and ‘Fantasy Boys’ arrived sensual, moody, with a sly, bad boy sneer and predatory swagger, ‘I Know You’ continues to mine the heart. “One guy in the band got married, another got divorced. So in this song we are weighing the pros and cons of marriage,” guitarist and frontman Ryan Lindsey explains of the romantic ideals behind the chugging guitar haze. You can listen to the single below.

Double Vanity is an album that sees Lindsey and bandmates Ben King, Nathan Price and Penny Pitchlynn vigorously striding ahead, transforming the raw angst of their first record, Can’t Get Past the Lips, and their irresistible second LP, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, into a sound decidedly more layered and complex. Tracks like ‘New Karma’ and ‘Two Step’ riff off the later explorations of punk, culling up refracted images of John Hughes prom nights, love songs echoing from a boombox held high. Elsewhere ‘I Know You’ is simultaneously infectious and brooding, but somehow both exalting and heartsick.

Just Enough Hip To Be Woman saw fantastic success, with the infectious ‘Class Historian’ single spending over a month on the playlist at BBC 6Music. The record was dubbed “fresh and invigorating” by the NME, “unequivocally strong in their near mastery of sunny melodies and deft pop sensibilities” by Consequence Of Sound, and received further acclaim from The Independent, Noisey, Mojo and more. Their subsequent debut European tour saw sold-out shows across the capital.

BRONCHO are set to tour America through May and June with Cage The Elephant and will land in the UK for a full tour this autumn.

Pre-order Double Vanity on iTunes here and receive an instant download of previously released tracks ‘Señora Borealis’ and ‘Fantasy Boys’.

Double Vanity track listing & artwork
All Time
Fantasy Boys
I Know You

Jenny Loves Jenae
Highly UnintentionalBroncho artwork

Señora Borealis
New Karma
Speed Demon
Soak Up The Sun
Two Step

Live Review: Architects at Brighton Concorde 2 – 27/05/2016

Live Review: Architects at Brighton Concorde 2 – 27/05/2016

Concorde 2 from crowd

Few bands have had a career with as many ups and downs as Architects. Going into their 10th year as a band, they have had line-up changes, controversies, sound changes and even had their name investigated by actual architects for its legality. However, the time has finally come for them to rise above it all and show the world that they are truly one of the best bands in the world.

Having kickstarted their career in 2009 with the sensational Hollow Crown the band then hit a wall with The Here And Now, an album with more in common with Coldplay than Hollow Crown, they then returned to form triumphantly with Daybreaker which was the beginning of the bands fight against corrupt politicians and saw them challenge those who are destroying the world that we all live in. 2014’s Lost Forever, Lost Together saw the band hit exceptional heights with an album that was literally flawless, it was the sound of a band desperate to survive and a band wanting to give people a voice. Most people thought it would be impossible for the band to top that album, but everyone was made to eat their words when All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was unleashed recently, a genuine masterpiece showing that Architects are not a one trick pony in the slightest and that they are not only here to stay but they are going to do their best to save the world while they are here.

All of this leads into this review, the album launch show in their home town of Brighton. Months of anticipation for the crowd in attendance was at a critical point and with many of the fans having had the album on repeat all day since its release, everyone was ready to go.

Opening the night was London based band Counting Days (8/10). Featuring ex members of bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, TRC and the headliners themselves, the band wasted no time in launching into their brutal metal style that has many claiming they are the most exciting new metal band in Britain right now. Although not many in the crowd were aware of the band beforehand, they easily gained a few new fans here tonight with a brilliant and professional performance.

Tonight is about one band only though, and that bands name is Architects (9/10). They are close to perfect tonight and give the crowd a genuine night to remember. With the gig falling on the same day as the release as AOGHAU, the hype for this day has been unimaginable and they definitely justify every single slither of that hype. Opening with new album opener Nihilist was a genius move with the monster build up in the song before a relentlessly paced breakdown has everyone in the crowd losing their minds from the first note, showing already that this album will send the architects live show to unassailable heights. Old set closer These Colours Don’t Run follows and what follows is utter chaos, pits take up ost of the venue, people are being thrown around with every single word being roared back into the faces of Sam and co, it also never gets old screaming “You had it all… You fucking pigs’ at the top of your voice, sheer class.

Concorde 2 from band

What is truly unique about this set is that almost half of it is made up of new material. We hear 7 tracks from AOGHAU debuted live tonight and the reaction to all the songs is unbelievable. Even songs that the crowd are not really aware of such as Deathwish and a personal album highlight for me, Gravity, are met with total fanfare which tells you come November when these songs are more well known, Architects will be a true force to be reckoned with. When the crowd do know the new songs however, we see a reaction even the band looked amazed at. The one-two of Downfall being followed by Gone With The Wind is absolutely huge and when first single A Match Made In Heaven is given its moment, the crowd eat it up like it has been a fan favourite for years, showing how good these new tracks really are.

Despite all this and largely due to the fact that the crowd is more aware of them, the set highlights go to two older songs. First of those is Alpha Omega, a somewhat surprise inclusion to some in the crowd, which sounded as big as ever tonight and the other was set closer Gravedigger which was massive as always. Both these songs threatened to insight a mass riot in the Concorde 2 as the crowd collectively lost their shit to every note.

Speaking to Sam Carter after the show he spoke of his excitement for people to further dig their claws into the new tracks and how he believes they were written to be played live and he could not be more truthful. These new tracks are all masterpieces in their own right and will see Architects rise to the top of the metal world. What tonight has shown us is that British music has a band here who are genuine people who care about what they are doing and are overwhelmed by the support they receive. What we have to do in return, is show them how fucking happy we are to have them.

9/10 – Near perfect performance and it’s only going to get better

Highlights – Alpha Omega, Gravedigger

Grove Street Families release new EP

Grove Street Families 2
Grove Street Families

Venn Records newest signing, Grove Street Families (G$F for short) have released their new EP The Las Venturas.  The Hardcore mob from Southampton produces songs that set them in the world of Las Venturas of video game franchise Grand Theft Auto fame. G$F are hitting real hard on this release and loading all bases along the way.

EP Artwork

G$F on tour:

UK Release Tour 

28.05 Southampton – Joiners
29.05 Newcastle – The Central
30.05 Edinburgh – Opium Bar
31.05 Glasgow – Audio Lounge
01.06 Leeds – Temple Of Boom
02.06 Wolverhampton – The Giffard Arms
17.06 Cheltenham – Frog And Fiddle w/ The Hell
22.06 TBC
23.06 (DE) Kiel – Schaubade  w/ Deez Nuts 
24.06 (DE) Essen – Dont Panic w/ Harms Way
25.06 (BE) Leuven – House Show
26.06 Margate – The Westcoast Bar w/Backtrack
27.06 Cardiff – The Full Moon  w/ Backtrack
30.06 London – The Dome w/Backtrack


EU tour
21.07 (BE) Brugge – JH Comma/Het Entrepot
22.07 (DE) Paderborn – Musikhaus
23.07 (GER) Ilmenau – JZ Schatoh
24.07 (DE) Dresden – Novitatis
25.07 TBC
26.07 (CZ) Prague – Kross Club
27.07 TBC
29.07 Worcester – Marrs Bar


UK w/ Deez Nuts
14.08 Kingston – Fighting Cocks
15.08 Plymouth – Underground
16.08 Bournemouth – Anvil

20.08 Farnham – Conservative Club w/Wolfpack
21.08 Cardiff – THROWFEST w/ I Killed The Prom Queen, The Browning, Hacktivist etc
12.11 Brighton – Prince Albert

Listen to Grove Street Families’ new single Big Smoke and Mirrors below.

Sonny Lanegan reveals new music video

Sonny Lanegan

Solo artist Sonny Lanegan has a released a new single from the hit EP COMA. The Italian born multi-instrumentalist revealed a weird and wonderful music video for Foreplay which you can watch below.

The song itself is really catchy and the former The Dead Good and White Pulp member really comes into his own for this video. Filmed in Los Angeles, you can really tell the video took a while to do and is crafted together brilliantly. You can check out a bit more of Sonny’s work on Soundcloud.


The Royal Tease

London’s favourite bunch of queerdo punks are back, bringing their downright fucked up freak show to The Lounge 666, Archway this Sunday 29th May.While they’re not all lurking around their local cemeteries they’ll be spending their bank holiday weekend playing their favourite songs, making each other bleed, pouring your drinks down your necks and making sure you have a better time than they do.

Come party with the creepy kids as they serve up their insane mix of mind-blowing freakshow, drag, fetish and unadulterated punk-rock attitude – with live music support from horrorpunk weirdos Lupen Tooth and hard rockers LTNT. This show was designed specifically to blow your little mind open in the best way possible.

The whole show will be hosted by Sadie Sinner and feature the following motley bunch:
Sexy filthy punkasfuck genderqueer realness from Ruby Wednesday.
Insane real-life, don’t-try-this-at-home fun from Pudzey and Snipp.
Fiery gorey satanic dominatrix vibez from ya resident pro-goth Mynxie Monroe.

Doors 8pm, live music from 9pm, full freakshow chaos then DJs  playing all your favourite rock/metal/punk/goth bangers until late.
Advance tickets available now!