My Chemical Romance stream unheard Black Parade song


My Chemical Romance have announced a special release to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their epic album The Black Parade.

The band had to clear the air last week after a teaser for the upcoming album prompted rumours of a reunion, but have now confirmed that The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts will include 11 previously unheard songs, and be available on 23rd September via Warner Bros. Records.

You can listen to The Five Of Us Are Dying which is an early version of Welcome To The Black Parade here.

The album features 11 previously unheard demos and rarities (including The Five Of Us Are Dying). You can check out the full tracklisting for the extra songs below and pre-order the album at the band’s website.

1. The Five of Us Are Dying (rough mix)
2. Kill All Your Friends (live demo)
3. Party At The End Of The World (live demo)
4. Mama (live demo)
5. My Way Home Is Through You (live demo)
6. Not That Kind Of Girl (live demo)
7. House of Wolves, Version 1 (live demo)
8. House of Wolves, Version 2 (live demo)
9. Emily (rough mix)
10. Disenchanted (live demo)
11. All The Angels (live demo)

Joy Opposites Announce Album & Tourdates

Joy Opposites.jpg
Joy Opposites
JOY OPPOSITES, featuring ex-members of FACT (JP) and The Amity Affliction (AUS), have set an 10th August release date for their debut album Swim. Recorded at the legendary Studio 606 in Los Angeles and produced by the equally legendary Alex Newport, frontman Adam Graham comments :
‘To start a whole new project and then immediately have the chance to work with Alex and record in Dave Grohl’s studio metaphorically blew my d*** off, so I mean….at least I’ll be able to hit the high notes now.
‘We’ve made an album that we all love … I can’t wait to get it out and start playing shows / high-fiving people in every corner of the globe.’
You can listen to In My Bones below.
JOY OPPOSITES are set to commence touring in August, kicking off at Summersonic festival in Japan. Dates are as follows :
August 20 @ Summersonic Festival (Tokyo, JP)
August 21 @ Summersonic Festival (Osaka, JP)
August 25 @ Tower Records In-Store (Tokyo, JP)
September 10 @ Rad Hall (Nagoya, JP) w/ Rise Records Tour
September 11 @ DROP (Osaka, JP) w/ Rise Records Tour
September 13 @ Duo Music Exchange (Tokyo, JP) w/ Rise Records Tour
September 15 @ Studio DO! (Nagasaki, JP) w/ Coldrain
September 17 @ WOW (Fukuoka, JP) w/ Coldrain
September 19 @ SR BOX (Miyakazi, JP) w/ Coldrain
September 21 @ X-pt (Kochi, JP) w/ Coldrain
October 5 @ Live House (Hokkaido, JP) w/ Coldrain
October 6 @ Penny Lane 24 (Hokkaido, JP) w/ Coldrain
October 8 @ Club Cocoa (Hokkaido, JP) w/ Coldrain
October 13 @ Yebisu Ya Pro (Okayama, JP) w/ Crossfaith
October 15 @ 太陽と虎 (Kobe, JP) w/ Crossfaith

Karmakanic launch lyric video for ‘Steer By The Stars’


Sweden-based progressive rockers Karmakanic have just released their fifth album DOT on InsideOutMusic. To celebrate they have released a brand new lyric video for the track Steer By The Stars which you can see below.


Jonas Reingold had this to say: ‘This 4 min song stands in contrast to the 30 min epic that is on the album. I like the Yin and Yang philosophy; dark / bright, complex / simple.

‘It has always been a real thread throughout the musical history of Karmakanic.

‘It showcases Göran Edman at his best, Gentle Giantish vocal harmony arrangement with a stunning lead performance.

‘This is also my very first compositional collaboration with my long time buddy Andy Tillison, he also recorded some awesome hammond organ for the track.

‘Start the engines and steer by the stars, it might take you to places never seen before.’


Hell’s Gazelles announce EP

Hell's Gazelles

Oxford based Hard Rock band Hell’s Gazelles to release their self titled debut EP on 10th September 2016. Hell’s Gazelles’ eponymous debut EP is a showcase of the best of their live set, and is to serve as the springboard for their upcoming UK tour, commencing on the 10th of September with their EP launch show at The Bullingdon, Oxford. The band are a dedicated, fierce, energetic Hard Rock band. Their music is gutsy, honed, fun, melodic, and hits hard and heavy, full of ballsy riffs, soaring vocals and big choruses. The band pride themselves on their powerful, interactive live show. Hell’s Gazelles’ work ethic has made them one of the go-to bands in Oxford, leading to support shows for touring acts including The Treatment, Reckless Love, Mallory Knox, Def Con One, Massive, The Amorettes and Massive Wagons.

Last year the band won the Oxford branch of Bloodstock’s ‘Metal 2 the Masses’ competition, earning a spot at Bloodstock Open Air 2015. This year they were chosen to compete in Hard Rock Hell’s “Highway to Hell” competition and will be performing at the final in Sheffield on the 3rd/4th of September.

TRACKS: 1. Intro 2. You Ain’t Nobody. 3. Dr. Strangechild. 4. Nothing Ventured. 5. Brain Dead. 6. Shivers

Produced and engineered by Chris D’Adda. Mixed and mastered by Neil Kennedy.
Recorded at Vale Studios.

Interview Skye & Ross talk upcoming album

Skye & Ross.jpg

Skye and Ross are set to release their self titled album on 2nd September. The duo consists of Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey from the UK Trip hop/Electronica trio Morcheeba. Having formed in 2014, Ross and Skye had been playing for over a dozen years across the globe as Morcheeba, with Ross’ brother, Paul being their co-producer. Now the duo has seen an album that pursues its own musical path while returning to the roots of the sound that made Morcheeba a household name back in the late 1990s.

I caught up with Skye & Ross about their upcoming album, fans, inspirations and more!

Are you guys looking forward to the release of your self titled album?

Yeah it is exciting, it feels fresh and juicy. Edifying.

How will this be different to other releases?

Skye and I have never done a record as a duo before, we felt able to express ourselves perfectly.

How did you guys come up with your name?

Skye and Ross are our names, it felt natural and we didn’t want to come up with a new abstract band name.

What’s it like being part of a band like yourselves?

It is simultaneously exhilarating and daunting. The music business is tough these days!

What would you say to your fans that go to gigs and listen your music?

We always want our audience to have fun, let loose a little.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years time?

I would like to see us with a couple of albums released and a nice tour bus parked outside.

Have you got a tour planned this year?

Yes we are currently touring European music festivals, then we do North America, then Russia and Eastern Europe. No sleep till Xmas.

What music inspires you guys?

I love swampy 1950’s rhythm and blues, 1960’s acid rock, Skye loves country music. We listen to a lot of modern stuff too.



Following a blistering performance at this year’s Ramblin’ Man Festival, Airbourne can now reveal a full list of headline UK tour dates for November this year, including two appearances in London due to high demand.

This UK run is part of a world tour in support of the band’s latest studio album, Breakin’ Outta Hell, which features 11 brand new songs produced by Bob Marlette & engineered / mixed by Mike FraserAirbourne returned to the road in mainland Europe earlier this month, and – as a taster of what’s to come – have included headline dates in the UK & Ireland as part of this initial European visit; the main UK shows then follow in November.

You can listen to the title track of  Breakin’ Outta Hell below.


Tue July 26 2016 – EDINBURGH Liquid Room

Wed July 27 2016 – CARDIFF Y Plas

Tue August 23 2016 – DUBLIN Academy

Wed August 24 2016 – BELFAST Limelight

Thu November 17 2016 – PORTSMOUTH Pyramids

Fri November 18 2016 – NORWICH Nick Rayns LCR

Sat November 19 2016 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City

Mon November 21 2016 – BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute

Tue November 22 2016 – LEEDS O2 Academy

Wed November 23 2016 – NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE O2 Academy

Thu November 24 2016 – GLASGOW Barrowlands

Sat November 26 2016 – MANCHESTER O2 Ritz

Sun November 27 2016 – LONDON Electric Ballroom

Mon November 28 2016 – LONDON Electric Ballroom





Interview: Vonesper

Last month  New York City based band Vonesper released their first ever music video for new single Battle Plan along with a fundraising campaign.  The 1 minute song and video was produced and filmed in the band’s own Vonesper Studios by their core members Kevin Vonesper (bass), Kris Halpern (guitar) and Jess-O-Lantern (vocals) and features Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes) on drums and long time project collaborators Sam Oatts (Hudson Hank, Kiss Kiss) and Nina C Young on horns and violins respectively. This song kicks-off a new ongoing series of DIY singles and art to be released for free download and streaming using the funds of the campaign. The video shows the band performing in electric blue glow, damaged with glittery blue gore while singer Jess-O-Lantern slays the demons that have held the band back (time, love and vanity) represented by actors Kayla O’Keefe, Brendan Taylor and Jeff Grunn (both of the band Devil in the Belfry).  You can watch the video for Battle Plan as well as the campaign below.
How has the release of Battle Plan gone?
It’s going great!  “Battle Plan” is our newest single and music video and the first in a planned ongoing series of singles and art that we will be releasing.  I think of it as a sort of re-launch of our band.  As an independent/DIY band, it’s an uphill battle to be heard and noticed but that is the “battle” that we are undertaking.  It’s sort of a preview of things to come and a statement to our image and sound.  It features all the things that we like to define us: in-your-face punk rock attitude and guitars, pounding drums by my favorite living drummer Brian Viglione (1/2 of The Dresden Dolls), but with violins and horns (by Nina Young and Sam Oatts respectively, 2 people who have been recording with us on and off since I started the project in 2001).  The video shows our new image which is a mix of high-class fashion and glam with b-horror gore.  I like to call it glitter gore.  All of this happens in only about 1 minute.
What is the fundraising for and is it going well?
With this single, we also launched a Patreon fundraising site.  It is a slow process of convincing people that we are worth investing in (our music is all free to hear).  Also, Patreon is still a new site that people may not have heard of so it’s something that has to be explained to people.  I think as we release more music and art, and the site becomes more of a household name, we will slowly see an increase of patrons.  We create everything completely in-house under the production company I started called Vonesper Studios.  Music and videos are ultimately very expensive and we have spent basically our whole lives buying the equipment and learning the skill sets needed to do this.  Any money we raise will go back into offsetting these costs of production, promotion, equipment, etc.  We are all pretty poor so it’s been tough holding jobs and spending all our money on our artistic ambitions.
Was there any other suggestions for your band name?
Not really.  I’ve been using the name Vonesper for 15 years already.  It sort of spawned out of my high school band called Project Mayhem and then changed briefly to Putty Root in 2002-2003 when I first had a live band performing the songs and style I was developing.  Putty Root was myself and Valerie Abbey (from bands like Angelspit and The Cruxshadows, now Abbey Death with her husband Abbey Nex).
What’s it like being part of an up and coming band like yourselves?
It’s really hard but equally exciting.  We do this primarily just because we love making music.  We have to love it for ourselves first and hope that other people like it too, not so much the other way around.
What would you say to your fans that go to gigs and listen your music?
Stay tuned!  Keep listening and supporting and the best is yet to come!  Really, we are working on some very exciting music with musicians and artists we love and respect.  After 15 years of trial, error and learning, we are finally making the best music of our careers and at the best quality yet.
What music inspires you guys?
We take influence from lots of different kinds of music.  For me personally, I like bands that shake up the formula and do weird things whether it me musically or just as a structure of a band, but still keep a certain pop appeal to them.  Lots of 90’s bands were able to do this because there was a larger record industry to support that back then.  Old punk bands too, like the Misfits or Dead Kennedys have parts of their songs that just don’t make any sense structurally, but that is what I love about them.  In terms of band structures, I love bands like World/Inferno Friendship Society who have survived for 30 years with only one permanent member, more of a whomever is around and willing to commit at the time, people come and go and sometimes come back.  That keeps their sound fresh.  Also Green Jelly, a band I’ve been a part of on and off since 2008 has a similar structure.  Now the founder (Bill Manspeaker) just has what he calls franchise bands all over the world to make it easier for him to tour anywhere anytime without the strain of a touring band.
Where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years time?
5 years will be our 20th anniversary technically.  Hopefully we will have gained more of a following by then and are still making cool DIY rock and roll.  Maybe we can have a giant show to celebrate.
Have you got any plans for a tour?
Unfortunately no.  Touring is super expensive.  We are not a big enough name and would certainly lose money on a tour at this point.  To expand on the last question, maybe in 5 years this will change but for now we only play very rarely in our home NYC area and try to make each show a unique and awesome event which we have professionally filmed.  We average playing only about 1 or 2 shows a year right now.  We just played at the NYC venue Arlene’s Grocery where we premiered 5 songs that have never been played before.  We will be releasing footage over time and have the entire show up now for subscribers of our Patreon.
Is there any plans for new music this year?
Absolutely!  Over the Summer, I started over 40 new song demos.  The goal now is to continue releasing singles over time based on these.  So far we recorded 7 songs with Brian Viglione on drums so we are focusing on those.  The first was the aforementioned “Battle Plan”.

Album Review: The Decline – Are You Gonna Eat That?

The Decline

With a UK tour coming up and a growing reputation in Europe, The Decline have decided to reissue on vinyl their 2011 Sophomore album, Are You Gonna Eat That? Having played with bands such as The Descendants, AntiFlag and Lagwagon over the years as well as headlining many shows in their native Australia, the band are setting around taking over the UK. What a great time for it too with the landscape of rock music in the UK showing a serious punk resurgence (Creeper, Milk Teeth) so what better time to come over and join in on the fun.

If you have heard of The Decline before, you know exactly what you’re going to get and that is straight up, no questions asked skate punk anthems. Opening with Crash Course In Emotional English the band waste no time letting everyone know exactly that with frenetic drums and catchy choruses made for fun mosh pits and arm over shoulder sing alongs.

This doesn’t stop throughout the rest of the album either as album tracks such as $hit Yeah and Rooftops not straying from the simply skate punk track whatsoever. Any to put it simply, why should it? The Decline have clearly mastered the art of this stuff and if it’s what they love doing than they should never feel the need to change it and I’m certain most of their fanbase feel the same way too.

This album has everything you would want from a record of it’s type with all the fun and silliness you would need with songs such as The Financial Equivalent Of A Rectal Exam being over before you could even finish typing out it’s hilariously ridiculous title and all the nostalgia you would want from this kinda stuff with songs such as 66b and Addison adding a bit more of an emotional Blink-182 feel to the mix.

The Decline album

Where the record really stands out though is on the second track titled Shower Time In The Slammer. Opening with a seriously awesome riff you would expect from Sum 41, we are treated to a masterclass in skate punk music here with seriously catchy vocal melodies in both the verse and the chorus as well as a brilliantly crafted guitar solo. This song shows that there is real songwriting craft to punk music and that The Decline have the craft nailed down tight.

All in all, this album excels at being exactly what it is meant to be. Flash back 10 years ago and this would not sound out of place on any of the great Tony Hawks playstation games of days gone by. The record itself will leave the listener feeling the nostalgia as old days but also offers a modern perspective at points on the genre showing everyone again that punk music is on the way back.

8/10 – Really fun, high energy skate punk music

Highlight – Shower Time In The Slammer

Sad Blood share new video for Heavy Petting Zoo

Sad Blood 2.png

After failed attempts at careers in both professional wrestling and standup comedy (due to a lack of any discernible athletic or comedic ability) George Phillips turned his hand to songwriting. He picked up a guitar and started writing songs about his failures in life and love focusing mostly his failed imaginary relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift, but he needed a band. After attempting to recruit drummer Daniel Goldberg and bassist Krys Bascombe approximately 22 and half times, they finally relented and Sad Blood was born. With a raft of emo, power-pop twinged songs they entered the studio in 2015 to record their debut EP. They called it Ultimate Worrier. After a lengthy fictional court battle with Ms. Swift over their ill advised Bad Blood based band name, the band returned to the studio to record their sophomore effort and christened it Legion of Gloom, learning nothing from their previous problems with pun-based nomenclature.

Sad Blood are one of the better examples of the ’emo revival’, drawing influence from Into It. Over It., Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and Algernon Cadwallader. Although Legion Of Gloom clocks in at under 15 minutes long it doesn’t fall short of leaving you comfortably satisfied. With its real laid back attitude drenched in a thick layer of puns and innuendo. Legion of Gloom is your perfect bummed out record to sit in the sun and hang out to.

Catch the video for Heavy Petting Zoo below

Catch Sad Blood at a show:

29/07 – Swansea, The Scene (w/ My Only)
30/07 – Basingstoke, The Sanctuary (w/ My Only)
31/07 – Whitchurch, Percys (w/ My Only)
5/08 – High Wycombe, venue TBC (Acoustic, w/ Redwood)
6/08 – Southampton, Pre-Bar (w/ Redwood)
08/08 – Watford, venue TBC (w/ Redwood)
17/08 – London, Fiddlers Elbow (w/ Eat Me)

Black Foxxes reveal UK headline tour for October 2016 to follow US September dates

Black Foxxes
Black Foxxes

Following packed performances at The Great Escape, Radio 1 Big Weekend, Download Festival (UK) and 2000 Trees, Black Foxxes continue to make waves on the summer festival circuit, with further appearances lined up at Y Not Festival, plus Reading and Leeds. Subsequently, the band will be heading over the US of A to play five shows, including a further festival appearance at this year’s Riot Fest, Chicago.

With a sound best described as West Coast America meets West Coast of England, this run of US shows are sure to be distinctly special!

In regard to the UK, Black Foxxes are happy to reveal a solid headline tour, taking them to Glasgow, Southampton and everywhere in between over the course of October. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am here.

The lads are set to release their debut album, I’m Not Well, via Search and Destroy / Spinefarm Records on 19th August.

Upcoming tour dates:-


Fri 29 July: Y Not Festival 2016

Fri 26 Aug: Leeds Festival

Sun 28 Aug: Reading Festival



Tues 13th Sep: Mercury Lounge, New York

Wed14th Sep: Saint Victus, Brooklyn

Sat 17th Sep: Riot Festival, Chicago

Tues 20th Sep: Viper Room, West Hollywood

Wed 21st Sep: The Satellite, Los Angeles



Sat 1st Oct: Southsea Festival

Sat8th Oct: Manchester, Neighbourhood Festival

Sat 15th Oct: Norwich Sound and Vision Festival

Sun 16th Oct: Leeds, Brudenell Games Room *headline

Mon 17th Oct: Liverpool, Arts Club 2 *headline

Wed 19th Oct: Newcastle, Think Tank *headline

Thur 20th Oct: Glasgow, Cathouse *headline

Sun 23 Oct: Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge *headline

Wed 26th Oct: Southampton, Joiners *headline

Fri 28 Oct: London, Boston Music Room *headline

Sat 29th Oct: Exeter, Cavern *headline

Sun 30 Oct: Bristol Exchange *headline