7 Horse’s Phil Leavitt set for live talk on Elevate the Conversation with Dr. 420

7 Horse.jpg

Join 7Horse’s Phil Leavitt this Thursday at 9pm pst live on Elevate the Conversation with Dr. 420 where he will be discussing and elevating the conversation about music, art and the benefits of medical cannabis use for countless medical ailments.

See the show here.

With the new album Livin’ In a Bitch of a World there’s an unquestionable sense that 7Horse has come into their own. It features thrilling tales of grifters, gun owners and drug runners, as powerful as any in hardboiled fiction, and punctuated perfectly by doomy drumming, vicious strumming and lacerating slide-guitar playing.

Upcoming dates-


Oct. 1    TenSixtyFive Music Festival       Mobile, AL

Oct. 5    The Saint                                             Asbury Park, NJ

Oct. 6    The Knitting Factory                     Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 7    Milkboy                                               Philadelphia, PA


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