Interview: Release discuss new track ‘The Inevitable’

Release are an alternative rock band from Stoke, with similar backing music instrumental vibes to bands such as The Cure and Nirvana but with very spoken singing like vocals similar to bands such as Blur.

The lads have recently released their new single ‘The Inevitable’ which I absolutely love, featuring some stunning, strong husky vocals, and punchy guitar and drum riffs. You can check out the song below:

I was lucky to have seen the boys perform at Shed Heaven Festival in June at The Shed, Leicester. Release are kinda band where smaller stage space is not a limitation to them. They make the most of the venue including standing amongst the audience. They bring very energetic, high spirited, atmospheric performances that are very contagious and in which I completely admire. They certainly finish their sets on a high.


I managed to catch up with lead singer Caleb to discuss the release of new track and much more!

Is this track different to any other of your music?

The new track is different to our other tracks. Although we make each and every song we write different from the other if we can help it. I’d say it’s a track you could point in the same direction as ‘Back to The Old Routine’ – A track from our previous EP, that shows our anthemic and emotional elements to our tunes, using melodic melodies and where i actually decide to sing now and again and try to give off an emotional feel to my voice.

What music inspires the band?

Mate, if all the boys were with me now and we sat down and told ya what music inspires us, then you’d be kippin’ an hour in haha. But that’s a good question as apposed to what influences us. I’d say what inspired me to initially want to pick up and instrument and get involved in music, would be the genres of punk/grunge etc, having loved the attitude and still do that came with the music.

I’m a passionate geezer and me and the lads all have strong beliefs and want them to be heard. So when I was a kid and listened to bands like The Sex Pistols, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana and New Model Army, I just thought it looked mint being on stage and expressing yourself how you like. Which is what music is all about. It’s an art, int it?

When i got older and started to listen and read the lyrics from bands I mentioned, I realised that music is such a powerful way of passing your beliefs and messsage across to your audience and that made me want a piece of the action. The thought of my lyrics and your band affecting someone in a positive way is a great thought.
Have you played any more gigs/festivals since I saw you last perform at Shed Heaven Festival in June?

Yeah we have, we’ve played a gig in Manchester at Night and Day Cafe for Scruff of The Neck label, was blown away by that gig. We’ve played Alsager Music Festival which was far from tepid haha, it’s where I’ve grown up too, so it’s always great to gig at the festival and long may it continue. Liverpool too was bangin’ at The Zanzibar and we played a couple more too. We’ve got a tour coming up next week too including a hometown show that i can’t wait for, as we haven’t played a proper local gig all summer.

What is it about performing, that you enjoy?

Where do a start aha. I suppose the best thing is having the freedom of expression. Especially cause i haven’t got anything to play apart from the ode vocal chords and a bit of synth now and again. I love getting lost in the music and literally being myself on stage and i think that’s the same for anyone. It’s my release (pardon the pun) and i reckon its the rest of the bands too. We all love doing what were doing and long may it continue.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years time?

In five years, the dream would be to be as far on into our journey as possible. Signed with some luck and hard work eh that’d be bang on. I hope to be able to be in the band full time, as its my dream job and has been since i decided i wanna eat, drink etc. So with hard work and determination from all of the laddos we can make it happen. I’d love that more than anything.
What would you say to your fans that go to your gigs and listen to your music?

I say to the people listening and watching our music thank you so so much. It means the fucking world to have someone appreciate your music because it’s so personal to you and so much graft and effort goes into it. Seeing that it makes even one person happy because of us or leaving a gig with a smile and ripped shirt and drippin in sweat, it’s phenomenal and makes it worth the while. Like i say, thank you and big up every single being thats bought a ticket, watched us and not even knew who we were, listened to any of our recordings/interviews etc. It goes a long way!
Have you got any gigs coming up soon?

Think i covered the tour coming up soon briefly. We’re playing in Cardiff, Bristol, Cheltenham, THE MIGHTY POTTERIES, Manchester and London, tickets available for all of those shows. Then after that we’ve got a couple of other oustide of Stoke gigs yet to be announced and then we’ll be back in Stoke again for a headline at The Exchange on the 29th Of October which will be razz because we’ve got BEZ (Happy Mondays) DJ set after the show at the same venue (included in the ticket price of £6) which I cannot wait for haha. Hope to see ya there and thanks for listening Isabelle, appreciate your time!


You can check out RELEASE social media links below:

Official Website


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