Live Review: Carcer City at Southampton’s Engine Rooms

Carcer City.jpg
Progressive metalcore five-piece CARCER CITY are currently on their tour with Atlanta party metal bruisers ATTILA and Phoenix metalcore mob THE WORD ALIVE.  They recently played their last UK leg of the tour in Southampton on Sunday 9th April as they now head to the likes of Antwerp and Berlin. The band opened up the night at Southampton’s Engine Rooms as the floors started to move and the heavy music started to flow. The crowd was trying to get warmed up for Attila but it was surprising how many fans these guys had themselves. But right from the off you could tell these guys had a lot of energy about them! The band played songs of their latest album Infinite // Unknown which was a real treat to anyone into this genre. The circle pit began to open as the guys really started to put on one hell of a show! Path had a ferocious voice on vocals as Lewy and Yacka complimented him with their killer riffs throughout the evening. Bassist Ollie also put in 110% with every song as drummer Karl knew exactly what he was doing and provided a really sick beat. Overall it was a killer set from Carcer City who still have a very bright future ahead!


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