Interview: Eli van Pike talk latest album

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The German-American industrial metal act Eli van Pike was founded in 2016 by Thorsten Eligehausen with the two musicians Marc Vanderberg and Ken Pike.

The name `Eli van Pike’ is made up of parts of the name of the band members.

Their new ten-song album, Welcome To MY Dark Side mixes a variety of musical influences of the band members, but always remains a harder musical line faithful.

Elements of Gothic, Industrial and NDH combine Eli van Pike an independent complete work.

The album is digitally and physically available on all major music platforms.

Check out the album below!

The band is made up of darkSIGN Records owner Thorsten Eligehausen,  Ken Pike and Marc Vanderberg who talked about the band’s latest release and more.
So how has the release of ‘Welcome To My Dark Side’ gone so far?
So far so ggod so what – might say Dave Mustaine. We are happy with the current development. we got some awareness in the market, some Reviews and some interviews. spotify users and Streamings grow. so let us see, what happens next.
What is your favourite track from the release?
My fav track is Peter, 41. It has got lots of power and a very serious lyrics.
Tell us a bit about the Album
We three found togehter via Facebook and Thorsten asked ken and me to do a cover Version of “Sound of silence”, what we did. but didnt get the approval to release it. unfortunately. But then we felt, that we should do something together that we can release and we took an older song from ken and rerecorded it. it is called “even Heros fall”. We still felt, that we can do more cool Songs and wrote a new one called “tears of war”. And then, we wrote a whole Album in a very short time. And it is a very powerful Album combining different styles of Music. Ken is influenced by Queensryce, THorsten by Rammstein and me by classical rock Music and also acts like the sisters of mercy.
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Me, Marc, I would like to work with andrew eldritch or yngwie malmsteen. But for us as a band Rammstein makes sense to do sth together.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
the birth of my son 😉 … we are a Newcomer so everything that happens makes us happy.
What was your funniest moment while recording the album?
Good question as we live in different places and didnt meet so far.
Lets come back to that question on the next Album which in “in the making”.
Will there be a tour soon?
That is really depending on the sales. SO at this Point no touring is planned.
What is the rock scene like in Germany?
Germany has got a good rock / metal Scene with lots of Festivals. So ppl are into rock / metal.
How have the guys at darkSign Records been?
Great guys. Thorsten is Darksign so if we do not love darksign we all might get a Problem;-)

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