SENTIA are very happy with way the film turned out saying that though it was a collaborative effort the artist took it to a level beyond their expectation.

‘We developed the general concept with Oscar, and then let him go off and turn those ideas into something interesting,” said vocalist, Amos Phillips.

‘We knew we wanted something animated and visually powerful, but we were not expecting such an amazing story!’ said drummer, Chris Bodin.

The track Hydroflow is pulled from SENTIA‘s 2016 EP Origins which saw the band step into a new era. The EP is available on iTunes HERE.

Formed in 2011 with guitarist Jason King, bassist Daniel King and vocalist Amos Phillips, the band has since expanded in scope and arrangement introducing Chris Bodin on drums and Pete Kyvelos on guitar in 2014.

Drawing from a wide range of influences across different members including Tool, Circa Survive, Jeff Buckley, Incubus, Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Roots, the band can be described as a heavy take on The Temper Trap.

The group has also played alongside and supported legends of the heavy music industry Jericco, Sounds of Sirus, Engine 37 and Gay Paris.



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