Interview: The Weight of Atlas

The weight of atlas
The Weight of Atlas

Scottish metalcore combo The Weight Of Atlas return with a formidable new
video single, entitled The Art Of Letting Go, out Friday 5th May.

The Weight Of Atlas are a talented post-hardcore quartet who deliver
monstrous riffs, contagious refrains, and ambient interludes that are framed
with orchestral nuances. The inventive riff slingers, offering a unique and
diverse take on the metalcore label, tower over the pack, possessing an
astute ability to adeptly fuse and combine genres. The band extract
influence from a host of areas, from the ferocity of Devil Wears Prada and
the shimmering atmospherics and potency of Deftones, through to the guile of

In 2015, USA label We Are Triumphant snapped up the band and released their
debut EP, Reflections. The release announced their arrival and garnered much
critical praise, as well as shaping a hugely active fanbase that genuinely
supports and interacts with the band. The Weight Of Atlas have worked
tirelessly to support the EP on the road, where crowds are consistently
blown away by their sheer intensity and raw power.

The Weight Of Atlas now unveil plans for their new video single The Art Of
Letting Go, which is taken from their forthcoming debut album out later this
year. The Art Of Letting Go is a powerful statement and charts the
fivesome’s maturity and growth. With UK and EU touring penned for the latter
part of the year, 2017 will be the band’s breakout year. Check out a Taylor Swift cover the band released of Style below!

We managed to catch up with the band as they talked about the upcoming single, album and more!

How pumped are you for the release The Art Of Letting Go?

Ridiculously! And very nervous too. ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ is a big step up from anything we’ve ever released to date, it’s definitely the most honest.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

Can you tell us anything about the single?

‘The Art Of Letting Go’ is a journey. The message of this song is essentially one of hope. It’s about realising that whatever the circumstance you find yourself in be it a career, relationship or any other aspect of your life. In my experience it was easy to accept things for how they were, that it wasn’t in my power to change anything. I think that’s a really dangerous thing. The reality is that change doesn’t have to come in the form of a miracle it’s something you can do in the moment but it requires a strong resolve. That’s what this song is to me. ( – Gavin Duncan, Vocalist Guitarist)

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming album?

While ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ is by far one of the most mature song we’ve written, you’d be wrong if you thought for a second the rest of this album isn’t some of the most heavy material we’ve ever written. I can’t wait to play these live!( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

What has been your funniest moment while recording the new video?

We recorded the performance shots in the old Grove Academy’s Gym. We ended up playing football with a roll of electric tape. I’m not entirely sure why to be honest, but it did feel entirely like being back at school again. I can tell you straight away that the 7am shots from the freezing to bits Law (hill) in Dundee, on 2 hours sleep were absolutely not the funnest part of that video. Never again.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Our good friends in A Plea, A Promise. It would be sick to collaborate on something with them.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

What is the rock scene like in Scotland?

Intimate, Scotland is not a large place at all. Yet, we always seem to find great support here and are surrounded with many amazing talents we’re lucky enough to call our friends.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

Can you tell us anything about the UK and Europe tour?

Unfortunately no! We do have plans from summer onwards, that’s all I can say.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

What has been your proudest moment to date?

I suppose playing with Funeral For a Friend. My dad got me into FFAF when I was like 8 or 9? Ridiculously young anyway. I would run around at playtime with my CD player, my dad had made me custom CDs to listen to. Everything from Green Day to Fall Out Boy to Funeral For a Friend. My dad gave my first guitar too. I suppose everything just came full circle then, supporting Funeral For a Friend with my dad there watching. I bet he never thought that would have happened when he gave an 9 year old a CD. I’m glad he did.  – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)


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