Charlie Manning releases audio stream for debut single ‘Light Years In Moments’

Charlie Manning

Brand new and extremely ready to make his mark, Charlie Manning has just unveiled his debut single Light Years In Moments in the form of an audio stream, declaring his intent on providing the soundtrack to the summer.

Weaving a perfect blend of melody, emotion, energy and soul is no mean feat, in fact it’s something many established artists struggle to do. Yet 19-year-old musician Charlie Manning does all that and more, bringing it together with a fresh and exciting sound.

Charlie writes lyrics that show a maturity far beyond his years and produces a heartfelt rock and roll sound with an emotional depth that far outstrips his peers. Now we are delighted to bring you the news that Charlie will release his debut single ‘Light Years In Moments’ on the 26th of May.

‘This song is very personal to me. It captures a specific point in my life where I was trying to help someone struggling with anxiety – they were in a very dark place.

‘Writing music is the way I work out how I feel about things, and helps me deal with stuff that’s quite hard to talk about normally.

‘The band and I are absolutely pumped to be releasing our first track – we love playing Light Years live and it was one of the first things we worked on together.’ – Charlie Manning


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