Live Review: Torcoda Fray at Southampton’s Joiners

Torcoda fray 2
Torcoda Fray

Eastleigh band Torcoda Fray played their first ever gig at Southampton’s Joiners last night (26th April) as they released their debut EP Ace. The night started of with duo Marty Mayhem and The Liabilities, King and Conqueror and singer songwriter Ten Tonnes (Ethan Ezra, brother of George Ezra).

Torcoda Fray’s guitarist Matt Geer, bassist Callum Waldron, lead singer Tom Farmer and drummer Ben Smith then took to the stage as over 100 fans swarmed towards the stage to check these guys out for the first time. The band started with Cheap Thrills which is a brand new song that doesn’t feature on Ace. The song was a solid addition to the set and certainly gave a taster of what Torcoda Fray had in store for their fans. You could tell all four members of the band gave 110 % as they looked to get everything right for their first show. Tom’s vocals were on form throughout the evening as they played Addicted To Your Sting, which was more familiar to the crowd with it featuring on their debut EP.

Torcoda fray
Guitarist Matt Geer (left) and lead singer Tom Farmer

Another two songs from Ace was then performed as the band sung Cassie and Change in Me that really got the Southampton crowd excited and created a real buzz with Tom, who announced he was getting married this weekend,  getting the crowd to clap throughout. Drummer Ben Smith was fantastic throughout and added his own twist at the end of each song and perfectly created a great rock atmosphere. With guitarist Matt and bassist Callum adding some killer riffs, you could tell that Torcoda Fray are one of those bands with plenty of potential. They played Trick which was another new song before they played Bullpit which lasted a little over two minutes but within them two minutes, The Joiners experienced a more heavier side from the band. As soon as the track played, fans tried to begin a mosh pit and they succeeded after a while and this happened once again with their new track Harlott. With the band already releasing Lions At The Gate last month, you could tell that this song was well received when they played it and this was the penultimate song on the night. The evening ended with Lift Up The Sky which although does not feature on Ace, it was a nice addition to the set and ended a really good starting gig for the lads.


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