Live Review: While She Sleeps at Southampton’s Talking Heads

While She Sleeps 2

I had the opportunity to experience an atmosphere so extraordinary and unforgettable with the adrenaline was being so alive as I caught While She Sleeps at Southampton’s Talking Heads – By Imogen Dana Morris.

Fizzy Blood (from Leeds) and In Hearts Wake (from Australia) opened the show to excite the crowed before everyone waited for the moment.

The moment everyone had been waiting for was when While She Sleeps started their set which got everyone all excited. And in that moment music started playing and the band walked on stage and lit up the room with excitement.  By that time the room got so hot!

The band members went to the front of the stage and the crowd moved forward to try and touch them. I felt very sorry for the people in the front who got squashed!

Vocalist Lawrence Taylor or simply ‘Loz’ jumped into the crowd and went crowd surfing as he had big smiles on his face.

He started saying about his new album release You Are We and did other songs from earlier albums including Four Walls and Brainwashed.

Near the end of the show While She Sleeps started playing Four Walls and Loz stopped the song almost immediately because one of the fans had an incident, we won’t go into too much detail, but as soon as the fan got carried out from the hall, they re-started playing the song and it was amazing.




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