Live Review: Patent Pending at Southampton’s Joiners

Patent Pending live
Patent Pending (photo by Ben Smith)

Pop Punk Rockers Sweet Little Machine started off the night with full of energy as a packed Southampton Joiners enjoyed every single track from the Sheffield based band.. Bass player Lucie Patrick was particularly awesome alongside lead singer and guitarist Alex Lantrua Kissack who provided great stage presence throughout . Alex was so energetic and engaged with the crowd throughout the show, and you could really see an influence of Green Day  many more to his style. The singer got the whole crowd clapping with their catchy songs and got a one word singalong track as the crowd repeated the word ‘world’. These guys are certainly one to look out for in the world of rock. The band then played Dickwad Prick Face’ which was about hating someone and they normally sing about love songs. They played a brand new track called Hurricanes as well Monsters  for their second to last song which was awesome to see and provided a lot of fun and energy once again. The last song they got the crowd singing like they did all set by shouting the words ‘Na Na Na Na’ and it was a perfect way to send a really great set.

Sweet little macchine 2
Sweet Little Machine  (photo by Ben Smith)

Boy Jump Ship were up next and they really had a punk element to them. Seeing they only joined Patent Pending on tour the evening before, it was great to see how natural they were and it looked they had been touring for the whole duration. Lead singer Si Todd’s vocals was on point and really got the crowd going as they played songs from their debut album Wake UpSi announced it was just over a year since they released their debut album and recently they went to the studio for a few weeks and recorded new songs. On the night the band had 100 printed CDs of these song which are not out until later this year. The band played Make you Proud this was a real anthem. Lead singer Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending joined them on stage for the song and it was a truly memorable experience. 

Other band
Boy Jumps Ship  (photo by Ben Smith)

Patent Pending were insane from start to finish as they interacted with the crowd and lead singer Joe dived in straight away. The singer announce that last time they played Southampton it was one of their worse shows because of their equipment failing but after the first two songs, it was already way better. The Long Island band then played I Already Know (She Don’t Give a Shit About Me) as they showed off their weird and wonderful lyrics which was a true treat for all fans. 

The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief  then followed and you could tell that Joe does love a stage dive and this was another song he had interacted with his sweaty self as was as described as a cabbage patch kid when getting back up again. He really was hilarious throughout the show and in between songs and get the crowd to do Jazz hands with Let Go. 

Patent pending 3
Patent Pending

Patent Pending then played Psycho in Love and during the song Joe played the 2017 crowd swimming championship where Sweet Little Machine drummer Joel Elsom and th lead singer crowd surfed to the stage and Joel beat him again and got a kiss for his troubles. 

Shortly after the band played a very personal song for Joe as he has ADHD as they played  Started in my Head which they got the crowd to shout ‘Here We , Here We Here We Fucking Go’. With a new cover album set to be released titled ‘Other People’s Greatest Hits’, the band then played Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up for one of first times live and it went down really well with the crowd.  Patent Pending played classic songs such as Hey Mario and Douchebag on a night where the Southampton crowd clearly enjoyed every single minute of it.


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