SØF Releases New Single ‘The Rush’


Following the releases of three 2017 singles, sassy indie pop artist SØF keeps her momentum going through her brand new track, The Rush. Showing off her unique flair for what she labels as ‘fast-singing,’ SØF’s new single is catchy, distinctive, and a perfect transition to completely shed away the initial teen pop persona of her younger career. More importantly, the subject matter of the track highlights a massive shift in content – as she openly states that the topic of The Rush is about her views on amphetamines. About the single, SØF states:

‘The Rush’ is definitely my favorite song lyrically. I tend to write a lot about relationships and love- I mean, they’re easy topics to cover, especially in pop music- but I really wanted to write about something different and give myself a challenge.

It was my sophomore year in college and I started to notice how almost everyone I knew either had a prescription for Adderall or Vyvanse,  or they were just buying them from some kid down the hall of their dorm. It got me thinking a lot about uppers and how they effect your body and mind. We live in such a drug-fueled society, it’s nuts. So, ‘The Rush’ is about amphetamines.’


SØF is a sassy, spunky and unapologetic indie-pop artist with a flair for fast-singing and rapping. Seamlessly weaving between genres by incorporating elements that she’s inspired by, SØF has a knack for being eclectic and exceptionally unique. While her onstage persona may be cheeky, SØF is personable and sweet with a passion for philanthropy and giving back. Her soulful vocals combined with her catchy pop hooks and bold lyrics make her a musical force to be reckoned with. The Rush is available NOW.



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