The weight of atlas

Scottish metalcore combo The Weight Of Atlas return with a formidable new
video single, entitled ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ –

The Weight Of Atlas are a talented post-hardcore quartet who deliver
monstrous riffs, contagious refrains, and ambient interludes that are framed
with orchestral nuances. The inventive riff slingers, offering a unique and
diverse take on the metalcore label, tower over the pack, possessing an
astute ability to adeptly fuse and combine genres. The band extract
influence from a host of areas, from the ferocity of Devil Wears Prada and
the shimmering atmospherics and potency of Deftones, through to the guile of

In 2015, USA label We Are Triumphant snapped up the band and released their
debut EP, Reflections. The release announced their arrival and garnered much
critical praise, as well as shaping a hugely active fanbase that genuinely
supports and interacts with the band. The Weight Of Atlas have worked
tirelessly to support the EP on the road, where crowds are consistently
blown away by their sheer intensity and raw power.



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