Interview: Doing Life Records’ Seven Years Behind and Ed Poole


Brand new independent, DIY label Doing Life Records announces its launch with the highly anticipated debut release, Split by first signings, Liverpool based solo artists Seven Years Behind and Ed Poole. The six track EP features two new original songs and a Bandcamp exclusive cover from each artist.

Split was released yesterday via Doing Life Records Bandcamp page and you can check it out below!

 Seven Years Behind
Despite much self-destruction and an unhealthy obsession with pandas, it’s safe to say that Seven Years Behind is definitely still a band.
A self-proclaimed whinge-rock enthusiast, this semi-acoustic journeyman has returned from his forced hibernation with sleepy eyes but renewed vigour.
Seven Years Behind is here to stay. Seven Years Behind is love. You cannot escape.

So how excited are you to be signing to Doing Life Records

Really excited. The alternative scene in Liverpool is struggling and it’s great to have a label which is looking to develop new bands and develop a scene that can benefit people. The fact that they want to do programs to assist in mental health and the community made it a no brainer for me.

Are both of you good friends already?

Ed and I are very good friends (I say, hoping he isn’t befriending me for the organ trade). We work very closely on a number of musical projects and he’s the person who smacks me into shape when I get too cynical about everything. All in all, a very important cog in the happy machine.

How pumped are you for the upcoming Split EP?

I am super rad stoked. It’s been a while since both of us released anything and I can safely say it’s some of our strongest material to date. The fact that we are recording everything ourselves has also meant a steep learning curve, and I do love a challenge. This has given us freedom to push on sonically and I think that shows.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Either Max Bemis from Say Anything or Brian Warren from Weatherbox. Both are just mad souls who consistently push themselves and create beautiful, crazy music babies. I would LOVE to collaborate with them on a track. Shame Weatherbox is no more and Max doesn’t come the UK much.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Musically I’d say supporting some of my favourite bands, specifically Tellison and The Front Bottoms. Whenever you get to share the stage with musicians who you look up to it just makes things extra special, you know?

What were your first gigs you ever attended?

The first gig I ever attended was the Red Hot Chili Peppers and James Brown at the MEN. Not only was it sick to see James Brown but it was eventful when a support band got hit by a bottle and John Frusciante chided the crowd. It got way too rowdy for that type of show!

What got you into music in the first place?

I was brought up on Fleetwood Mac and Bowie and Smooth FM, so from an early age I was submersed in the best of the best. From there I got turned onto the typical alt stuff like blink and green day, most likely because of girls in school and from there I picked up a crap guitar and covered it in stickers. The usual!What was the funniest moment while recording this EP?

Probably just messing about on my DAW trying to come up with weird sounds. So many hours of just laughing to myself in an empty room! I am so cool, clearly.

How did you chose your cover songs to play for this release?

I wanted to cover a song that was a bit more of a challenge and something that people may not expect of me. I got a Pedro the Lion album on a whim at our local record store Defend Vinyl and really got into them so that was a logical choice. As well, I was trying to record loads of different stuff and it was horrendous haha.

I think at one point I was going to cover Emperor X- Going to a Rave With Sarkozy. Always time to do that like.

Will you be touring at all this year?

That’s the plan! Currently Doing Life have been looking to book some dates but we can’t confirm anything yet. Of course, if you are a promoter anywhere please email Doing Life and let’s talk!


Ed Poole

Sonically dense with brooding guitar lines and soaring vocals, Ed Poole is a musician unafraid to push the dynamics and image of the modern day singer-songwriter.
Ed embraces the DIY ethic, self-producing and creating songs that toe the line between punk rock and more atmospheric, darker tones.
Beneath the surface, there is so much more to discover in the layers of the songs of this Liverpool based musician.

So how excited are you to be signing to Doing Life Records

Extremely! It feels amazing to be part of something new and emerging and I’m massively proud to be involved in the very first release.

Are both of you good friends already?

We are indeed! We’ve known each other for a few years now and as well as sharing a lot of the same taste in music, films and Chinese food we’ve had various involvements in each others musical projects during that time. As well as playing plenty of shows together we’ve played in each other’s live bands, recorded, wrote together, lent moral support & also an honest opinion when it’s been needed the most! 

How pumped are you for the upcoming Split EP?

Massively. It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for ages and it feels like it’s been a long time in the making so I can’t wait to get it out. It’s my first release for a few years so I’m fairly nervous at the same time! We’re both really happy with the finished article though, so hopefully people will enjoy it. If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

This is an enormously hard question. There are so many! I could name dozens but if I had to pick one right now I’d have to say Evan Weiss from Into. It. Over It/Pet Symmetry/all the bands. He’s involved in so many bands/projects at the moment in various capacities (musician, producer) that it blows my mind. His level of productivity is pretty admirable and it’s always such high quality. He’s always using super creative rhythms, parts etc. I love the progression in sound you can here all the way through the IIOI albums. I’m a pretty big fan. I reckon he could drag me kicking and screaming towards making something good! What has been your proudest moment to date?

Musically, I’d honestly have to say this release. It’s the first time I’ve released anything out into the world that I’ve completely self produced and recorded myself. I’ve slowly been teaching myself to record music/produce from home from absolutely no prior knowledge whatsoever so to see this going out makes me feel both proud and terrified. Whether or not I’ve actually learned anything remains to be seen. We’ll just have to see what people think of it!

What were your first gigs you ever attended? I started going out to gigs when I was around 16. I come from a pretty small town so there weren’t many to go to but every now and then (probably only once or twice a year) there would be a big showcase for local bands which I remember being pretty cool. That was my very first gig experience staring up at a live band and it opened my mind so much. I just wanted to get up there and do it myself! That same year (2002) I went to Leeds Festival with a bunch of friends for the first time which was huge! Tons of amazing bands on that year who I would go on to be hugely important to me. I probably missed more of them than I actually saw that year to be honest but the very first one I remember that weekend was Capdown! Their set was electrifying & crazy. Their take on Ska Punk was always super hard and aggressive. Fucking loved it.

What got you into music in the first place?

Music was always around when I was growing up. My folks had tons of Beatles records that I remember playing and loving (and still do) when I was really little and being fascinated with Rock N’ Roll but it was finding bands like Green Day & blink-182 on my own at the age of around 14 that opened the doors to pretty much everything else for me. I would never have picked up a guitar if it weren’t for those bands.

What was the funniest moment while recording this EP?

Probably Simon’s face when I told him I had decided to remix my track for the 8th time.

How did you chose your cover songs to play for this release?

We looked at quite a few but I chose Feeling Better by Dowsing because it embodies everything I love in a punk rock song. It’s short, not particularly complicated and yet (to me anyway) really powerful. As well as resonating with me lyrically, I love the way the guitar parts in particular work together to convey a kind of positive, optimistic feeling despite the lyrics being seemingly in contrast. I thought it would be both fun and challenging to try and recreate that same feeling in my own way. 

Will you be touring at all this year?

Absolutely. There will be some announcements to come pretty soon from me regarding touring but it’s safe to say I’ll be popping up in a few different locations in the UK before the year is out!


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