Interview: Set The Score talk latest single

Set The Score

Melbourne, pop-punk, five-piece Set the Score have released a brand new single and music video Homebound; a thumping track that tackles the spiral of lover into drug addiction.

To celebrate the release of Homebound, Set the Score will take to the stage at Wrangler Studios on Sunday, May 21 with fellow pop-punk legends Terra, Stuck Out and Better Half.

The concept for Homebound, first came from vocalist David Bell who shares his experiences in the song and uses it to achieve some closure.

We managed to catch up with the band as they talked about their latest single and more!
So how has the release of ‘Homebound’ gone so far for you guys?
The release has gone really well so far. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback which is really cool to see. Will be interested to see how it’s received at our release show later in the month.
So this songs means a lot to you, can you tell a little bit about it?
The song is basically about a fall out with myself and someone very close to me, and the way that drugs can affect someone’s life and the lives of those around them. For me, I was also tempted into following the same path, before realising the damage it was causing and getting myself out of it.” – David Bell (vocalist)
Will there be an EP/ Album released this year?
We have a couple of ideas brainstormed for future releases but nothing set in stone just yet. Always writing though!
If you could work with any band in the world on a new song, who would it be and why?
I think we would all love to write a catchy up-beat banger with Neck Deep. That new record was unreal. They seem to be able to be that real cool exciting band without taking themselves too seriously, which would make writing with them really fun I think.
What does it mean to you guys when you see fans listen to your music?
There would be no point in us making the music that we do without people listening and liking our music. It’s so cool to see people getting up and about for some shitty song that we wrote in our bedrooms, and to see people posting about our songs or doing their own guitar or vocal covers. Definitely makes it all worthwhile.
What were you first gigs that you attended?
“I remember my first show being My Chemical Romance at Festival Hall back in 2010 I think it was. I was never fortunate enough to go through the whole ‘scene’ phase so seeing all these teenage girls (and dudes) wearing all black, with pink hair and other weird shit was a bit different haha” – Matt Van Duppen (Guitar)
“The Getaway Plan at Billboards (now 170 Russell) in 2010. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to still turn up after my appendix surgery in the days leading up to the show. Wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve made.” – Jon Pisani (Guitar)
“I went and saw Muse also in 2010 at Rod Laver Arena. It was and still is the best lighting show I’ve ever seen from a band.” – Adam Pinzone (Drums)
“Kisschasy at an absolutely packed Corner Hotel in 2008” – David Bell (Vocals)
“First band was Grinspoon at Festival Hall with Gyroscope/Little Birdy/Butterfly Effect, ripper line up. I think around 2006-2007.” – Josh Godwin (Bass)
What is the rock scene like in Melbourne?
The ‘rock’ scene is very segmented in Melbourne. There’s some overlapping between scenes but not as much as what it seems in the US or other places like that. For instance, pop punk and hardcore seem to overlap quite a bit in the US, whereas pop punk tends to overlap with pop rock and alternative rock in Melbourne, and the heavy scene is generally independent to itself. The pop punk scene is fairly strong when bigger international bands make the trip over here, but it struggles a tad locally sometimes. Having said that, there’s a few bands killing it the moment, like Harbours, Stuck Out, etc.
Will there be a tour at all booked this year?
We will be looking into touring this year definitely. Nothing that we can really give away just yet but it’s definitely on the cards. Unfortunately nothing international just yet but hopefully in future we can make a couple of trips across the pond.
What has been your proudest moment since forming?
There’s a lot of things we can proud of since forming the band, but i think supporting Mayday Parade in Melbourne last year was massive for most of the guys as it’s their favourite band, as well as The Wonder Years at the same venue. I know Godwin was having a fit when we got that offer.
What do you get up to in your spare time?
In our spare time, we all have hobbies and interests outside of the band that we get up between work and uni. Dave loves his fishing. He’s a country boy, so anyone following him on Instagram probably gets bombarded with photos of his catches on a weekly basis haha. Jon does his design work for businesses and artists in Melbourne and spends too much time with the missus when all of us want to get on the beers. Godwin loves his footy, and there’s not one weekend that goes by where we don’t cop a rant about an umpiring decision or an average player in our group inbox on facebook. Adam is always playing his games, and none of us ever come close to beating him on CoD or FIFA. I play in another band called Better Half who are also playing the ‘Homebound’ release show, and I have my own management business on the side where I look after my own two bands and also another Melbourne band called Thornhill. For all the UK readers, I follow Man United religiously and one of the first things I’ll be doing if we tour the UK is going to see them at Old Trafford.

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