Interview: Evil Invaders

Evil Invaders

After playing numerous shows during the first few years in the band’s home country Belgium, EVIL INVADERS started playing all across Europe from the moment that their first material (EP, 2013) got released. Shortly after the band got signed by Napalm Records and found a solid booking agency with RTN Touring.

In recent years the band played 4 full European tours (w/ Destruction, Majesty, Skull Fist, Lost Society) 2 Japan tours, festivals such as Graspop (BE), Pukkelpop (BE), Out&Loud GER), among others. After their first full length early 2015 the band played 3 release shows in Belgium which reached over 1500 people. EVIL INVADERS is the first Speed-Thrash Metal band to date to hit the Belgian charts for several weeks.

Speed/Thrash Metal might be considered to be a niche, however, EVIL INVADERS is bringing it all back in style and is even considered to be one of the most promising (extreme) Metal bands of the new generation. The band’s live energy, aggression and virtuosity is -to say the least- impressive! Check out Raising Hell below!

We managed to catch up with the band before their set at Heavy Scotland last month and you can check out an interview below!

So how pumped are you for Heavy Scotland?

Max: Very pumped believe me!
It has been a while since we had our asses up on stage and to start our year directly with a festival like this is a total blast!
We are really looking forward to spread some madness on that stage haha

Do you find it different playing at festivals rather than live venues?

Max: Well, the thing is, that with club shows you are actually more in contact with your crowd.
I mean it’s more likely to have stage divers etc. and you are kind of head to head with your fans.
On festivals the stages are mostly bigger and there’s some kind of gap between you and the crowd.
The cool part about playing festivals is that a lot of people that might just have heard the band’s name or have no idea who is playing might pass by and maybe like what they hear…
So they check it out and perhaps even become new fans.
That’s pretty awesome about festivals.
The chance to reach a wider range of people!

Joe: Our shows are always very energetic and wild so it’s cool to play on big stages. We think it’s cooler to play indoors though because of the things you can achieve with the lights and stuff. Festivals are cool because of the big amount of people and the vibe. But playing in a good venue is always more intense!

You have a fair few festivals coming up soon, what one are you most looking forward to playing?

Max: Basically we love to play everywhere we do but I think I can admit that for us Graspop Metal Meeting is definitely one of the highlights this year!
We all have been visitors for years and to get the chance to play there (again) is just amazing.
Plus it’s in Belgium so it is kinda a home match hahaha!

Would you say the music festivals in Europe are different then the UK?

Max:To be honest, we can’t really say that for now since Heavy Scotland will be the first UK festival we will do so we are quite excited!
Joe: We hope to be able to play more festivals in the UK in the future and see what it’s like over there. So far we’ve mainly played club shows in the UK and they were pretty good so festivals must be cool too!

How has In For The Kill gone since it’s release?

Max: “In for the Kill” got a very good reception since its release and we are very happy about that.
All the line up changes caused a come and go of new and old influences which displays on “In for the Kill” but the fans are really supportive and go nuts on the tunes!!!
That’s just fucking great!

Will there be new music this year?

Max: Aye! Currently we are in the process of making our second studio record so
Joe: We plan to release our second full length album this fall! You’ll hear more about it very soon! Just keep an eye on our facebook page.

If you could work with any band on new music, who would it be and why?

Max: I guess every one of us would love to work with his favorite band but in general for us as a band it would be a total blast to work with Maiden, Exodus or Motörhead ( R.I.P. Lemmy!!!!!!!)
Joe: I think it would be quite interesting to work on music with King Diamond. He seems to have a really creative way of making music. I think I could learn a lot from him. The progression in his songs is what really appeals to me and I wonder how he would approach our music and what he would do with our songs.

Who has the best fashion sense out of you guys?

Max: Good Question!
In general we are all kind of wearing the same clothes…
We just wear what is comfy for us and what we think is cool

What’s the rock scene like in Belgium?

Max: The Belgian scene is a great scene!
The fans are passionate and support the hell out of their bands.
We have a very vivid underground scene and that fucking kicks ass!!!
We are very proud to be a part of that, that’s for sure!
Joe: I often have the impression that the Belgian metal fans are pretty open minded and not just rusted into one specific genre. That’s quite cool since we’re a small country and everybody seems to accept one another and is just out to have a good time.

You can check out the band’s latest gigs here.


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