K.Flay releases video for new single High Enough

K Flay.png

Following the release of her latest album Every Where Is Some Where – alt-pop/hip-hop artist K.Flay is back with the official new video for her current single High Enough, as well as two sold-out UK shows at the Camden Assembly at the end of June.

Directed by Lorraine Nicolson, she explains

‘The ‘High Enough’ video is an unconventional retelling of a universal theme: music’s ability to unite us despite our differences. A great song can cut across cultural boundaries better than language can, and I think K.Flay’s new track has that kind of power.

‘For our team, it was important the video retained a sense of playfulness, which was made possible by the nuanced performances of dancers Savannah Harrison and Scott Hislop as choreographed by Andrew Winghart.’

Talking about the single, K.Flay declares ‘There are so many songs out there about getting fucked up,’ she says of the song’s inspiration.

‘I think a part of me was asking the question: ‘What if I’m already high enough? What if I don’t need anything but what I’ve got?’

‘There are many moments in my life—whether it’s because of a person or a place—that I don’t want to feel altered or high or buzzed. I just want to feel exactly what I’m feeling.’

As well at K.Flay’s two sold out UK shows at the end of June, Starting on September 26th, she will be joining Imagine Dragons as support for an incredible 31-date stretch across North America.


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