NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE stream new album Endless Disconnect

No Sins Evades His Gaze.jpg

NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE are streaming their stunning new album Endless Disconnect, ahead of its release tomorrow, 12th May.

Comments drummer Theo Harvey: ‘Endless Disconnect is the result of 18 months of discerning work together as a band to create a diverse record without filler, containing the best music we can give.

‘We have developed our sound by condensing our initial writing into what we felt were the best aspects of it. You’ll find a mixture of catchy choruses, heavy riffs, interesting drum parts and hints of subtly placed orchestral/synth writing.

‘We explored new harmony & counterpoint to boost creativity around guitar parts and vocally we pushed ourselves hard beyond our comfort zone.

‘All in combination to give what we felt was a clear difference in maturity between the first and second albums, to provide fans with something we hope was worth waiting for. We hope you enjoy listening.’

Featuring a plethora of technical polyrhythmic wizardry and elements of groove, prog and metalcore, Endless Disconnect is about as ripe for the pickings as can be. Musically, the band have matured and progressed since debut album Age Of Sedation, with the ebbs and flows pieced together much more organically, and with an exceptionally down-tuned demonic undertone.

NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE are relatively new on the scene but have backed an immense following from tech metal fans across the world, and are known for unleashing a belter of a live show. With appearances at UK Tech-Metal Festival, Bloodstock Festival, Mammothfest and Euroblast under their belt, NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE are poised for further excellence on stages across the country if this album is anything to go by. They have previously shared the stage with other tech metal mainstays SikTh, Carcer City, Martyr Defiled and No Consequence.

Endless Disconnect is released tomorrow.


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