Hundredth stream ‘Youth’

Hundreth 2

South Carolina’s Hundredth recently announced their daring new full length, ‘RARE’, due out June 16th from Hopeless Records. The band has now revealed ‘Youth’, a driving blast of uniquely kinetic shoegaze that showcases Hundredth’s new direction.

Feeling creatively unfulfilled within the stylistic and social confines of hardcore, Hundredth found themselves at an impasse. Rather than hang it up, the band took on the challenge of making a bold change. The result is ‘RARE’, an album that Stereogum aptly says, ‘barely even alludes to hardcore, at least superficially; this is a shoegaze album from beginning to end. And it’s a really good shoegaze album.

‘It’s impeccably crafted and unusually confident.’

Youth’ is a perfect example of ‘RARE”s unique blend of classic shoegaze influences meeting Hundredth’s innate heaviness. Lush but dense guitars swirl around vocalist Chadwick Johnson’s newfound melodic voice while crisp drums propel the track with an immediacy not often heard in music this atmospheric.

Stream Youth via YouTube:


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