Interview: Muskets talk latest single

No Sleep Records is proud to announce the latest addition to their ever-growing family – the Brighton-based grunge outfit Muskets.

Muskets found their birth in Brighton, UK where they quickly engaged in the city’s always-growing music scene. Here, they connected with like-minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds, such as Broadbay, The New Tusk and Water Canvas. With these names the band put touring and weekenders in throughout 2014, supported by their Pollyseed EP on cassette released through Wake and Don’t Shoot The Messenger.

The following year saw the band change up a gear, putting out a six-track affair titled SPIN and released via Venn Records. It was around this time that Muskets garnered the interest of Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter, giving them substantial airplay of singles ‘Tate Modern’, ‘Colourview’ and ‘Drowsy and inviting them to Maida Vale for a live session that elevated the band to heights they had not reached before. Exposure like this also saw the bands touring game level up in parallel and led to UK outings alongside the likes of the more established Moose Blood and Creeper. The last iteration of SPIN came with the music video for the EP’s cathartic closer ‘Drowsy’ featuring none other than Matt King AKA Super Hans. Check out their new single 17 Years below!

We managed to catch up with Muskets drummer as he talked about the latest release, No Sleep Records and more!

So how has the release of 17 years gone so far?
It’s gone real good so far man, real cool to see people from across the pond digging it!
Tell us a bit about the release..
Well, it’s the first thing we’ve released since our last EP ‘SPIN’ which was released in 2015 via Venn Records, so it’s been a long time since we released new music. I think the song’s real cool, bit of a shift from Spin’s sound, but not too far from our earlier records either – A nice progression.
Will there be a EP/album out this year?
There might be, we’ll see!
If you could work with any band, who would it be and why?
As in play with? If they were still around – Nirvana. For a band that’s still going – The Pixies.
What’s it liked being picked up by the likes of Radio One?
It’s real cool because in the UK it’s one of the biggest radio stations where loads of people tune into Dan’s show to hear new music. We actually did a live session for him at Maida Vale a couple years ago, and that was like a dream come true for me personally haha.
How thrilled are you to be part of the No Sleeps Records team?
We’re all really excited to be working the No Sleep family. They’ve been releasing loads of our favourite records for years, and I find it nuts that they’re putting our band out. That La Dispute record ‘Somewhere at the bottom of the river…’ was a huge record for me when I was younger!
Will there be a tour announced this year?
We’ll see..
What was your first gigs that you ever went to?
The earliest shows I can remember going to were; Kasabian, Blink 182 and Architects. I went to Reading Festival pretty much every year from 2011 onwards, as it always had the best lineups.
What do you get up to in your spare time while not in the band?
It sounds really lame, but I pretty much play drums every day as I’m kinda obsessed haha. Other than that started up my own little label early this year; Weather Girl Records, releasing cassette tapes for some of my friends.

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